Know What, Why and How About Rhinoplasty

Beauty industry always looks for perfection and that has opened a horizon of new technologies to achieve the perfect looks for people. Rhinoplasty is one such technique to get a perfectly shaped nose. Every one yearns for perfect features and nose is a very integral part of the face and a badly shaped nose can ruin your whole face. Certain rectification is possible with makeup but if you need a permanent solution rhinoplasty should be your perfect pick.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is basically a surgery to reshape the nose or to enhance the shape of the nose. With this surgery you will be able to change the size of the nose, angle correction, etc.

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With Rhinoplasty you can get the following issues corrected:

  • Size of the nose – to complement with the rest of the features of your face
  • Asymmetry of the nose as well as deviation
  • Rhinoplasty can be done to correct the width of the nose both the bridge and also the tip of the nose.
  • Rhinoplasty can be done to correct the wide, upturned as well as large nostrils.
  • Rhinoplasty can also be done if you have a chronic congestion issues of nose as well as breathing issues.

Whom should we approach to get a Rhinoplasty done?

The Rhinoplasty surgery will be done by plastic surgeons or who are trained in otolaryngology.

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How is the Rhinoplasty surgery done?

The procedure of a rhinoplasty involves a surgery wherein the surgeon is required to make several incisions in order to get access to the cartilage and bones that would be supporting the nose. These incisions are made in the interior of the nose; this is specially to hide them post-surgery. As per the requirement certain cartilage or bone would be removed or a tissue might be added. This tissue is taken usually from another part of the body or synthetic filler will be used. Once the reshaping and rearranging of the cartilage and bone is done, the surgeon will drape the structure of the nose with tissue and skin.  To support the nose better and for healing, a splint will be placed outside the nose. Rhinoplasty can be done in the condition of local or general anesthesia and at times will require a night stay in the hospital.

Post-surgery cautions

Post-surgery you will need to rest with your head raised higher than chest to decrease swelling and bleeding. Proper care has to be taken post rhinoplasty which will require certain precautions which are:

  • Avoid taking showers and instead go for a regular bath because you will have the bandage on your nose.
  • Do not do any strenuous exercises like jogging and aerobics
  • Take care not to blow your nose
  • Brushing the teeth has to be gentle
  • The extreme facial expression like laughing, smiling and frowning has to be avoided completely.

Risk factors

There are certain risk factors associated with rhinoplasty and they are

  • Holes or some injury in your septum
  • You could get certain infection therefore certain antibiotics should be taken as a preventive measure.
  • You could get congestion in the nose
  • As anesthesia is involved there are chances of certain complications associated with it.
  • There could be skin irritations also due to bandaging.

Results of Rhinoplasty:

The results can vary, it could be an average result or a major one and in some cases poor result. Everything depends on the kind of correction that you’re seeking for and the person who carries it out. The results of rhinoplasty are however forever, provided you do not succumb to any kind of injury post-surgery. There is an age you need to cross to get rhinoplasty done as the nose needs to be completely developed for this procedure. Otherwise it could lead to alteration to the nose job done because of the development of the nose.

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