10 Reasons to Eat Pomegranates Daily

Ever wondered what a powerful package is your crimson hued delicious fruit with sparkling red and juicy seeds sitting closely packed inside it? Yes, the delicious pomegranate is Nature’s storehouse of good health and offers a host of benefits to your body.


Anytime, anywhere super fruit

The crunchy, juice endowed seeds make a refreshing snack anytime of the day. Have a pomegranate with your breakfast, as an evening snack or after you come back home from the hot sun and give wholesome portions to the little ones as well. Trust it to work wonders on your well being!

Looking for some more variations? A glass full of pomegranate juice is packed with nutrients and is super cooling for the stomach as well. Toss some in your finely diced salad and voila! You have a healthy, appetizing dish ready that looks lovely as well. Top some of its bright red seeds on your shakes and smoothies and please your guests with your art of fine presentation.

Pomegranate as an ancient medicine

You may have heard your grandmother ask you to eat pomegranate chewing it with the seeds saying that it is good for your stomach. This is indeed true. Pomegranate has been used since time immemorial in several traditional remedies for ailments such as diarrhoea, dysentery and intestinal problems. Conventionally, pomegranate has also been known to build blood in your body. The inedible parts have been known to work wonders as well. For example, the rind of a pomegranate exhibits antioxidant properties and contains useful isoflavones that are good for health.

Each and every part of the super fruit possesses rich medicinal value. While the seeds are used for direct consumption, the leaf, rind, root and dried bark have been in use since centuries for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.

Quick peel at the 10 health benefits of Pomegranate!

Pomegranate is indeed a wonder fruit. Nutrition experts swear by its amazing benefits and here you have a list of the 10 health benefits you derive when you consume a wholesome portion of a pomegranate.

  1. Shields your arteries and maintains good blood flow

The arteries connect the heart to the rest of the body thus allowing the pumped blood to flow to each and every organ. Often, plaque might build up inside the arteries and curb the free flow of blood. Eat pomegranate regularly to prevent the formation of plaque. Not just that, it possesses the goodness of removing any previous plaque build up as well.

  1. Say ‘YES’ to good cholesterol!

Yup you got it right! If you are someone who has often been hearing the rant on bad cholesterol v/s. good cholesterol and wondering how to keep your heart healthy and happy, you now have the answer on your fingertips! Make pomegranate a part of your daily diet and pile on the good cholesterol treasure in your body. Good cholesterol means lower levels of bad cholesterol and less work for your heart.

  1. Great source of antioxidant Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to build resistance in the body against infections and boost the immune mechanism. You don’t need to take supplements anymore if you feast on reasonably sized portions of the wonder fruit every day. Filled with antioxidant Vitamin C, pomegranate keeps infections at bay.

  1. Helps in defeating breast cancer

If a breast cancer patient drinks the juice of pomegranate daily, it helps in killing the breast cancer cells without harming the healthy cells in any way. With the potency of fighting against the free radicals, the growth of cancer cells is inhibited!

  1. Bid adieu to acne on your skin!

The wholesome quality of pomegranate makes it a beauty enhancer as well! Eat it regularly and banish those stubborn bouts of acne that ruin your skin tone ever so often. With a healthy blood circulation and adequate bowel movement, the glow is bound to show on your skin!

  1. Curbs and cures anaemic symptoms

Being rich in iron content, pomegranate helps in naturally building haemoglobin in the blood. Drink a healthy glass of iron-rich pomegranate juice two hours before or after a meal and let the goodness absorb into your system. The red pigment in your blood gets a boost and you will experience enhanced levels of energy and stamina.

  1. Monitors blood pressure

High blood pressure patients have a reason to rejoice! Consuming pomegranate on a regular basis aids in controlling the blood pressure levels.

  1. Maintains your pearly whites healthy and sparkling!

The teeth bear a lot of brunt owing to the varieties of foods you eat and fluids you gulp down. The germs can give rise to plaque build up in between the gaps of your teeth. With qualities of abrasion, pomegranate helps in fighting plaque and protecting the shine and quality of your teeth.

  1. Weight loss lovers will love the super fruit!

Pomegranate is low on calories and has no fat content. This makes it a great aid in weight loss. Watch the inches around your waist reduce by incorporating the fruit to your daily diet.

  1. Diminishes tendencies of osteoarthritis

Pomegranate is good for your bones and decreases the chances of premature cartilage degeneration. Your bones stay healthier much longer!

These are reasons enough for making sure that you eat a pomegranate a day to steer clear of a host of infections and diseases.

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