Derma roller treatment – benefits and side effects

Derma roller treatment helps in treating acne scars, anti-aging, decreasing stretch marks and treating hair loss. The result of derma roller treatment is promised as flawless skin. Let’s take a look at what the treatment is all about, its benefits and side effects. 

Derma Roller

What is derma roller treatment? 

In this treatment, hundreds of micro needles that are present on the surface of the roller are used to stimulate the surface of the skin. The roller is moved up and down on all parts of the skin on the face or the affected area. The needles result in formation of many tiny injuries on the skin. In order to heal the injuries, the skin starts producing excess collagen. So in a way, it is a form of artificially boosting the collagen production in the skin.

As a result of the excess collagen, the skin automatically looks plumped up in that area. This helps in erasing fine lines and filling up scars.

The poking action from the needle also improves the blood circulation in the skin. It makes the skin glow. The treatment also opens up the pores of the skin to make it more receptive to any product that you apply on it.

How is it used? 

The roller on its surface has hundreds of needles. You can choose needles of varying thicknesses when you buy your roller. The size of the needle can be 0.5mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm.

derma roller treatment

0.5 mm is recommended for light acne scars, mild chicken pox scars, thinning hair and mild anti-aging treatment.

The 1.0 mm needles can be used for deep acne scars, surgery scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

The 1.5 mm needle is used for very deep scars and severe cases of cellulite. Professionals use needles of sizes 2.0 and 2.5mm, but that treatment is usually performed under topical anaesthesia.

All you would need to do is to pick the needle size that suits your requirement and move the roller up and down on the affected area.

Apply only the required amount of pressure, since it can be quite painful if you press too hard. Also, it will take more time for the pokes to heal if you apply too much pressure.

Frequency of usage can be once or twice in a week, not more, since the skin needs some gap to heal.

How efficient is it?

Derma rollers have got rave reviews abroad and are slowly making their entry in India. They are sold under many brand names. It is recommended that you read the reviews of every brand before purchasing your derma roller.

They are known to cause some pain, but the feedback about its benefits has been positive- be it acne marks correction or filling up cellulite marks. Results can take a few weeks to appear.

Is it safe?

Rolling hundreds of pins on the face is a painful process. So you need to be tolerant to pain.

Also, there are chances of infection in case you do not sterilize the needles. So always sterilize the needles after use.

The procedure has some pre and post care guidelines. Make sure that you follow them correctly in order to achieve best results.

Buy only the best quality of derma rollers since fakes or low quality ones can cause damage to your skin.

Very thick needles can end up damaging your skin. So start from the thinnest and determine your tolerance level. If your skin is hyperactive and breaks out regularly, do not use derma roller as the bacteria from the pimple can spread into the skin and cause damage.

It has shown encouraging results in the west. It is always recommended to not overdo it and do small patch tests to see how your skin responds to the treatment before proceeding full blown.

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