An A-to-Z Guide to The Liquid Facelift

Aging takes a toll on our facial skin and we simply can’t ignore it. The production of collagen and elastin reduces significantly as we age, which decreases our facial elasticity and affects our facial volume badly. Therefore, our skin starts sagging and ends up developing different signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, folds, etc. Liquid facelift has become one of the most popular as well as effective solution to combat all these issues. Let us explore the cosmetic procedure and know how it can give us a rejuvenated skin easily:

Liquid Facelift

What is Liquid Facelift?

Liquid facelift is basically a non-invasive alternative to surgical facelift in which advanced dermal fillers are injected into the skin for achieving similar results. The objective of the procedure might be either to give a ‘lift’ to the whole face or simply shape up certain facial features (forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, and so on). It usually depends upon the requirements of the patients.

How Does It Work?

The method of liquid facelift involves insertion of certain dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, Perlane, etc.) as well as other injectibles (Botox, Dysport, etc.) into the skin for plumping up various parts either by restoring the lost volume and filling the hollows or simply by assisting the body in its natural collagen production. As a result, the skin gets rid of signs of aging, becomes firmer and looks rested.

How Is It Done?

At first, the targeted areas of the skin are made insensitive by performing local anesthesia, applying topical anesthetic cream or simply pushing a numbing injection. Now, fillers and injcetibles are inserted into those specific areas by using different needles. The entire procedure takes less than 1 hour and no pain is felt due to the anesthetic approach.

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What Can be Achieved?

The goal of undergoing a liquid facelift is to get an overall revived and youthful look. However, here is what you can achieve through this exclusive technique:

  • Complete facial lift or slight individualized lifts
  • Removal of dark circles, under eye bags, fine lines, creases and wrinkles
  • Restoration of natural shapes of different facial features
  • A fresh, young-looking face
  • Beautiful smile

Liquid Facelift

Downtime Required

The process of liquid facelift needs minimal to no downtime. Some people may experience temporary side effects like inflammation, redness, bruising, soreness, etc., which can be healed successfully by OTC drugs or ice packs.

Results Obtained

From subtle changes to complete uplift, the liquid facelift can truly offer a wide range of results. The initial outcomes become noticeable right after undergoing the procedure, which improve gradually with time. The effects of liquid facelift generally last from 1 year to 2 years depending on the type of filler used. However, it can be extended a few more years by going through touch-ups every 6 months.

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Potential Risks

Like all other cosmetic procedures, liquid facelift also comes with a few potential risks. These include baggy eyebrows or eyelids, small protuberances beneath the skin, infections, and so on.

Costs Involved

The cost of the procedure is majorly based on the types of filler as well as the number of syringe used.  Both of these factors may vary from person to person. However, in general, the liquid facelift may cost you anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000.

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