Worst Hairstyles of All Time

Having a good hairstyle is a fashion quotient. It immediately turns you into a diva from an ordinary lass. But, have you ever thought that how did they look who sported the weirdest hairstyles? BeautyGlimpse has enlisted 7 worst hairstyles of all time and cautions you to never sport them. Check the hairstyles that made beauty maestros to hide their face –

Bowl cut – This hair trend made its way in decades of 70’s and 80’s. It looked like someone kept a big bowl on your head and chopped your hair around it.  I wonder, what made girls to go for this hairstyle.

Bowl cut

The rat tail – funniest of all!  I find it hard to describe about this hairstyle.  Check this out and know why this haircut makes its entrance in the list of worst hairstyles of all time.

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The rat tail

Liberty spikes hairstyle – This was a favorite of punk lovers in 90’s. These terrible spikes were symbol of their desire for freedom to live their chosen lifestyle. Girls and boys took minimum two hours and two bottles of glues to make this hairstyle.

Liberty spikes hairstyle

Flat top– It can be better termed as a hairy replica of the Tibetan plateau. This hairstyle was popular among men in 1950’s and then singer Grace Jones introduced it. It became her signature style and many girls followed her. Would you follow it?

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Flat top

Poodle perm – Would you like to wear a hairstyle similar to your pooch? Probably ‘no’ but women of 1980’s pulled this hairstyle very often. Poodle perm was a rage that time, although it looked more like a bird’s nest.

Poodle perm

Scarlett Johansson’s mullet cut – A few beautiful ladies made their public appearances in ugliest hairstyles. And Scarlett Johansson is one of them. This lovely lady once sported ugly wispy mullet which looked too odd.

Scarlett Johansson's mullet cut

Ear Window – This was no where a hairstyle. Most probably, it was a girl’s way to show her pretty ears to all while sporting a blunt cut which was adopted by some more girls and consequently, one of the worst hairstyles of all time came in existence.

Ear Window

These were some hairstyles which left people more in shock than thrill. However, these hairstyles sparked off hot discussions and gave feeds to the gossip world but they were never in news for the good reasons.

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