Windburn Woes – Treat It And Prevent It Effortlessly

Got a windburn and it is giving you sleepless nights? Do not worry; you can get rid of the windburn with some simple remedies.


First and foremost how about getting some information about this condition? Knowing more about it will help us understand the condition better and let us prevent it too. For someone who is wondering “what the hell is this windburn?” Well, there are certain times in cold weather when our skin turns pink making us look pretty and gorgeous and then there are times when the skin does turn pink but in pain!! Well, the second situation is what we are talking about and it is called as windburn.

How do we get windburn?

If you are thinking that only the Eskimos and just the ones living in cold regions are subjected to wind burns then you are wrong. Windburn’s can be caused even in extreme windy as well as hot temperatures!! Any part of your skin can be affected with windburn however the most commonly affected areas are face and neck.

Windburn occurs when the top layer of oil is ripped off from the skin. This lack of oil results in excessive dryness which causes soreness as well as redness on the skin. Extreme conditions will also make the skin swell along with itchiness. You will get plenty of products in the drugstore that will help you get rid of windburn’s, the best however remains to be our age old remedies.

Following are the ways to treat windburn at home:

  1. Warm or cold compress: This treatment is specially to remove the redness as well as the pain on the windburn affected skin.  A clean small towel has to be dipped in hot water, after squeezing out the water it should be held against the skin. This will help to get rid of the coldness on the skin. If the windburn is caused by hot wind then cold compression has to be used in the same manner.
  2. German Chamomile oil: Chamomile oil is very beneficial to treat the windburn as it encompasses Chamazulene. The Chamazulene helps to calm the redness and it also soothes the inflamed skin.
  3. Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is very much used to treat windburn. All you got to do is gently coat the area with a wash of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is the best moisturizer for skin. It offers the skin the lost moisture and heals it quickly.
  4. Aloe Vera: The benefits of Aloe Vera does not just limit to beauty, it has much more to it. Aloe Vera is excellent to cure windburn as it helps to sooth and cool the skin that is damaged. The juice of Aloe Vera has to be directly applied on the affected skin for a couple of times a day until healed completely. Also Read – Discover Healing Properties of Aloe Vera Here
  5. Cocoa butter: Cocoa butter contains restorative nutrients that aids in healing the skin affected by windburn, it soothes the skin too. Also Read –  How to remove stretch marks using Cocoa Butter Here 
  6. Aspirin: Consume an aspirin to speed up the healing process. It helps in healing the swelling due to windburn especially.

That was about healing measures that one needs to take but you can avert the windburn if you take proper preventive measures.

Here are a few things you got to keep in mind to prevent windburn.

  • No matter what, if you are stepping out of the house, do remember to generously apply a good sunscreen; this helps you to protect your skin from sunburn which is also a factor for windburn. Sunscreen is a shield for your skin.
  • Whenever you go out during winter, do make sure to cover up yourself. Wear gloves, socks, ear plugs, sweater, scarf, polo neck tees etc. This will help in protecting your skin from exposure to extreme cold air.
  • Moisturize your skin generously always. Your skin needs moisture even more during winter as the natural moisture is often not enough.
  • Use mild skin care products if your skin is sensitive to windburn. Mild cleansers, creams, lotions have to be preferred and avoid scrubbing the skin too often.

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