Why You Should Not Pop Pimples?

Pimples are a girl’s biggest fear…especially during their growing days and puberty. The small red spots and patches that grow on face not only makes you look odd but can also result in mental depression. But never try to pop a pimple in order to get rid of it. Instead bank on the natural methods of getting rid of these red blisters without any side effects. Here we will help you get informed about pimples and ways to eradicate it safely.

Pimples: An Overview

Pimples are basically oil glands that appear on the facial skin due to various reasons. Considered as a common problem of adolescent age, this skin problem is more prominent among people with oily skin and over exposure to pollution. There are several other reasons too that are associated with this problem such as infection from bacteria, skin clogging and dead cell accumulation, hormonal changes in adolescent age and puberty and excessive exposure to heat, pollution and dirt.

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples?

Popping of Pimples: Why You Should Never Do It

As you get enhanced about pimples and its causes, it is also crucial that you avoid pricking on it. Some prominent reasons about why you should not pop a pimple are provided below:

It results in immense pain: If you burst a pimple, no doubt it will pain a lot, more so if it’s a hard one. It is always advised that you take the help of a doctor or medical professional to get rid of it in the right way.

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It becomes a permanent scar: Pricking on pimples or pressing on it with force leaves a permanent scar mark on the face that becomes very hard to remove.  For hard pimples, squeezing can also result in irritation and redness. Using too many cosmetic items is also not suggested for maximum benefit.

It results in multiply of pimples: For many, pimples tend to reproduce if popped or pricked. The fluid of the pimple spreads on other facial areas, resulting in birth of new pimples. Hence, make sure that you abstain from piercing on it.

Bacterial infection and allergy: Finally, there is possibility of bacterial infection and allergies if a pimple is split open by external force.  To avoid blemishes on your face, consult a dermatologist at the earliest.

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It becomes a permanent mark: Squeezing pimples is absolutely no-no as it can leave behind a permanent mark that will never fade away. Many girls have red cracks on their checks which are result of pimple popping with force.

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples?

It can require serious medical treatment: Popping a pimple tends to make it sore and swollen which becomes really hard to hide. It also increases the chance of infection which sometime requires medical treatment to prevent serious skin problem.

Take the help of good pimple reducing lotions and creams that are available over the counter. You can even try out various home remedies to bid adieu to this skin problem in an easy and effective manner.

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