Why It is Important to Trim Your Hair?

In a country like India, where long hair lock is often described as the most important feature of perfect beauty, women are hardly experimental about their hair styles. Most of them prefer to cling to suave and pretty looks with long hair. The fear of losing length of hair refrain them for going for a hair trimming session. But, did you know that hair trimming is an important hair-care regime. It not only helps you in getting rid of unattractive split ends but also stimulates hair growth. Know, why it is important to trim your hair?

Hair Trimming

1. To keep your hair looking healthy – every hair styling sessions which includes chemical is a torture session for our hair. These styling chemicals make our hair strands weaker which propagates many hair maladies, including dullness, split ends etc. A regular trimming helps us in cutting these frayed parts off your hair which keeps healthy look of your hair intact.

2. To Avoid Frizz and Tangles – Damaged hairs are more prone to get tangled and frizzy.  Thus, hair experts suggest cutting these parts of hair off to get a smoother and tidy look. You do not need to cut short your hair to get rid of damaged hair; hair trimming will solve the purpose.

3. Half inch of hair trimming means three inches of hair growth – If you are thinking that trimming of your hair will cut the recently grown hair short, you are mistaken. Half inch of hair trimming catalyzes a minimum of three inches growth in it every year. Though, it seems to be a slow growth but at the end you get healthier and longer hair strands.

 4. It keeps you hair style in tune – The growth of every hair strand varies. Some strands grow faster while many are slow in rate. Such hair growth makes your hair style messy. Therefore, if you want to live in same hair looks for long, keep going for hair trimming sessions.   It’ll keep your hair line established and also it will not allow split ends to spoil your looks.

How can you do hair trimming at home?

If you do not want to make visit to salon every time, you needs trimming. Here are a few ways which can help you in chopping damaged hair strands on your own.

1. Perpendicular hair trimming – If you have long hair, you can easily cut its burnt ends. Divide your hair into two parts. Now take a scissor and cut around an inch of your hair perpendicularly. This will remove most of the double-mouthed ends of your hair.

2.  Removal of split ends without cutting hair short – This is considerably the best way to chuck out   damaged hair ends. This hair trimming process is done in semi wet hair. Divide your hair in sections. Now take one section of hair and twist it to the end. You’ll find that damaged hair ends are peeping out of the twist. Now, you can easily remove these fine split ends without affecting your hair length.

Since hair shaft is made of dead and hard form of protein that is known as keratin; a hair strand is devoid of the properties of natural healing and repair unlike other body parts. Hence, trimming is vital to keep its luster and shine undamaged. Although the frequency of hair trimming varies person to person as it depends on the ratio of hair growth.  It is a fact that a proper hair care routine can slow down the process of hair damaging but it is seemingly impossible to completely avoid hair issue. In such scenario, hair trimming remains the last option to get healthy looking hair back.

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