Do whitening strips damage your teeth?

Humans are born with a nature to implicate with what looks beautiful. Therefore, we always try to sneak into a getup that is shown as an emblem of perfect beauty by the commercial world. Neon white smile is one of the important parameters of commercially set beauty rules. In a bid to fit ideally in standard beauty rule-book, we also want our teeth to shine like ‘pearls.’ And, to get desired results we use a number of teeth whitening products.

Do whitening strips damage your teeth?

Teeth whitening strip is one of the most popular products used to make smiles brighter. These whitening strips claim to make your teeth sparkling white with first use. But these strips have always been under scanner due to linked controversies. A few experts claim that teeth whitening strips are not good for dental health.  In this article, we have tried to figure out the fact behind this claim and get answer of the million-dollar question “Do whitening strips damage your teeth?

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Before we could make any judgment on whether whitening strips damage teeth or not, it is important to know ‘how these strips work?’

Types of teeth whitening strips

There are two types of teeth whitening stripes, removable and non-removable. Removable whitening strips are the most commonly used type of it. It comes with an instruction to use half an hour every day for next fourteen days. Non removable strips are another type of whitening strips. One does not need to remove them manually. These types of strip get dissolved in their own.

How does whitening strips work?

Whitening strips are essentially made of polyethylene. These are flexible plastics which contain peroxide or bleach. This bleach whitens your teeth exactly the way a common bleaching powder whitens your clothes. When you apply this peroxide quoted polyethylene strip on your teeth, it effectively removes color from user’s teeth and restores its natural color.

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Although, most of these strips are considered damage-free, a few of them can be really harmful for your teeth enamel. White strips which contain chlorine dioxide are considered risk prone for dental health.


Teeth whitening strips have emerged as a great solution to get picture perfect smile. These are not only used as an easily available treatment kit to get stainless teeth but also they are cost-effective than medically done whitening procedures. Another risk that ligers upon you with use of Whitening strip is the risk of swallowing Hydrogen Peroxide which is an important ingredient of most of such strips. Although, gulping a little amount of this chemical won’t do much harm to you but you must be careful while relying on such teeth whitening solutions. It is advised that to get the best results of teeth whitening strips, you must follow the ‘instruction’ word by word. This also cuts down all the probable risks to teeth enamel.

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