Whacky Tongue Patch for Weight Loss

Losing weight has seen all sorts of different ways but possibly the most different and bizarre one is tongue patch for weight loss. Weight loss for many just remains elusive, seeking out easy fixes and alternative strategies. When nothing seems to work then most of them take the help of lap-band surgery, liposuction, wired jaw and the latest one is tongue patch.

Tongue Patch for Weight Loss

Tongue patch was launched in 2009 by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Nikolas Chugay. The opinion is divided when it comes to the efficacy as well as the safety of this form of weight loss.

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Tongue patch- the procedure

  • The patch is done with an abrasive piece of marlex—a material typically used in hernia repair—about the size of a postage stamp.
  • The patch is secured on the top of the tongue by six stitches. This patch makes the consumption of the food very painful which forces the patients who cannot control their calorie-intake onto liquid diets. As per Paul Chugay, they wanted to offer the patients something effective without having to resort to the risks of invasive surgery.
  • The patch can be kept on for the maximum period of one month following which the patients can consult the nutritionists on the ways to proceed on to pursuing their weight-loss goals. The material used contains pores which allow in-growth of tissue therefore if it is left for over a month it gels into the tongue. 
  • As per Chugay, the procedure takes less than an hour to be performed and the patients will be able to return to work the next day.

Cost: The treatment will cost around $2,000 in the U.S. and you get it done for just around $150 in Caracas.

The tongue patch is certainly effective as patients seem to shedding almost thirty pounds in a month. To sum it up all the tongue patch basically works almost like the conventional weight loss tablets, supplements and drinks. The basic purpose is to burn the extra fat in the body and decrease the appetite as a result of which the person ends up eating less than before. The con is however the securing of an abrasive foreign object to the tongue, which comes with several side effects.

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Points to note:

  1. To perform the tongue patch, the physician will first find out about the person’s allergies and obstructive pathologies.
  2. The patient will be explained completely about the lingual mesh and what you are supposed to do and not. 
  3. A strict weekly follow-up will have to be done during the time the patient carries the device on and two months post the procedure.

Side effects of tongue patch include:

  1. Difficulty in speaking
  2. Pain
  3. Disturbance in sleep
  4. It has a choking hazard and carries a slight risk of nerve damage

Tongue patch diet:

Another thing that has been a reason for a lot of excitement is the new concept called tongue patch diet. This tongue patch diet is basically living on just liquid diet that comprises of juice, milkshakes, low-calorie beverages etc. To be precise it will involve the patients going for a strict 800 calorie every day liquid diet until the patch is removed from the tongue after a month. Apparently the people who seem to have tried this diet have successfully lost 18 to 20 pounds in a month.

Although we cannot blatantly pass a judgment regarding the efficacy of this form of weight loss, there are certain serious questions that are raised about the safety involved with this method. There have been certain instances where the tongue has been severely bruised due to these patches. Apart from that it needs to be understood that once the patients take off their tongue patch they should not start eating like before all over again as that would result in putting on more weight than before.

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