Wearing A Bra While Sleeping, Is It A Must Or Not?

One question that always pops up a women’s mind is, is it OK sleeping without a bra? Most of us feel comfortable sleeping without wearing a bra especially during summer.

This topic has a mixed opinion from people as some of them are in the favor of wearing a bra at night to prevent the sagging of breast, on the other hand some want to avoid it because the comfort factor comes into play and also several myths that exists about wearing a bra while sleeping. So what is the fact, should we sleep with the bra on or not?

Wearing A Bra While Sleeping

Breaking the myths

Today we will look into different aspects of this issue and come to the best possible solution. First and foremost we need to break the myths surrounding the issue. One common myth revolving around wearing a bra at night is that, it will induce breast cancer, which is absolutely false! Until now there are no evidences or any studies that proves this theory and besides most women have been sleeping with a bra since years and nothing has happened because of that so the theory does not hold true in this case.

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  • Breast cancer has several other reasons contributing towards it but bra can never be one of the reasons. Although, it is said that sleeping with a wired bra is not really good as it gives you a cyst or can irritate the breasts. There are different ways starting at the molecular level that can induce breast cancer however external devices such as a bra will never have any effect on these pathways.
  • In the night the lymph fluid drains in the breasts therefore if the bra is too tight it will disrupt the process.
  • Another point to be kept in mind is that the bra should be of a comfortable fit, it should not be tight as that will restrict the blood flow in the body, which should never happen.
  • To wear a bra at night while sleeping is completely a matter of choice for a lady as per her comfort. If it is uncomfortable for her and disturbs her sleep then she should avoid wearing a bra while sleeping.

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While it is a matter of preference, there are certainly a lot of benefits of wearing a bra while sleeping, let us get into those points.

  • Wearing a bra while sleeping can help you avoid premature sagging of the breasts.
  • It supports the breasts throughout especially for women who have undergone a breast surgery.
  • If you want to avoid the chest wrinkles and that is the reason you want to wear a bra at night, then there are a lot of wrinkle preventing bras, sports bra and pillow bra that are available in the market these days. You can choose one of them because these bras are customized for the purpose and are very comfortable to be worn too.

Cons of wearing a bra while sleeping

Talking about the negative aspect, there is a major concern for nursing mothers wearing a bra while sleeping.

If a nursing mother does wear a bra while sleeping especially tight bras, it might result in clogging of the milk ducts, thereby slowing down the supply of milk. Therefore nursing moms have to take care of all these points before deciding to sleep with bra on. After all, health is definitely more important. For the rest of the women wearing a bra while sleeping is left best as a matter of choice, if you are bothered about the doubts of breast sagging by not wearing a bra while sleeping at night then you should go for it and the rest can take a call as per your choice and comfort.

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