How Your Water Can Ruin Your Precious Locks?

You always make well-informed choices when it comes to picking right hair care products, right? But do you know that it is not only the wrong product but also the water used for washing that can ruin your precious locks? Well, the water we use for cleansing and washing our hair always comes with loads of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, silica, lead, chlorine, bromine, etc., which take a toll on our scalp as well as hair. Want to learn more about it? Go through rest of the piece:

How Your Water Can Ruin Your Precious Locks?

Effects of Calcium

Calcium is one of the most common minerals found in water that are known to cause severe damages to our locks. If limestone is present in the ground, the water will be loaded with calcium. Besides, this mineral is also included in the water systems, while treating the water through different methods. It has been found that calcium can affect our hair in the following ways:

  • Calcium salts present in water can create build-ups on your scalp, thereby causing flaky skin. If not controlled at the first stage, it may give you acute dandruff problem.
  • It creates build-ups on the locks, which not only weigh them down but also dry them out extensively.
  • The scalp and hair build-ups caused by calcium can clog the openings of your hair follicles and make them weak in their roots. It may result into excessive hair breakage or even serious hair loss.
  • It is so harsh on the hair that you may find your perms turned into relaxed tresses.
  • In the worst scenario, calcium build-ups can create a thick coat over your scalp and stop the further growth of your hair completely.

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Effects of Iron

Iron is the second most commonly found mineral in water. If the ground contains large amount of iron, the water will also have high concentration of this metal. The harmful effects of iron are as follows:

  • Washing hair regularly with iron-loaded water will alter the natural color of your hair. If you are a blonde, your light hair will get a dark orange tint. On the other hand, if you are a brunette, your dark hair will turn into even darker with red highlights due to heavy quantity of iron.
  • It can create subtle to heavy deposits on the locks, thereby weighing it down to a large extent.
  • It combines with the oxygen present in water and turns into oxidized iron, which acts as an oxidizer and affects the hair just like mild peroxide. As a result, the hair becomes highly dry, dull and rough.
  • It prevents our locks from getting chemically processed easily, which is a limitation for styling hair up.

How Your Water Can Ruin Your Precious Locks?

Effects of Copper

Copper is found in the ground in large amounts. But apart from this, the copper water pipes and the copper sulfates used for preventing the growth of algae also work as the source of this mineral in water. It can harm our locks in the following ways:

  • Copper combines with the oxygen present in water and gets oxidized easily, which strongly bond to our locks and alters their natural color. Copper-rich water can give blonde hair a green tint and make dark hair look even darker.
  • It creates build-ups and weighs hair down to some extent.
  • It can also interact with chemical treatments like hair color, perming, relaxing, etc,

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Effects of Magnesium

The soil with packed with magnesium and hence, the underground water is loaded with this mineral. It can create deposits on our hair and weigh it down like other minerals, while making it extremely dry and rough to touch.

Effects of Silica

Silica is mostly found in water present in desert or volcanic areas. It is mainly known to create build-ups on our hair leading to additional weight. It also results into tremendous dryness, acute dandruff and severe hair loss.

So, be careful about the water that you are using for your hair and stay away from a number of hair problems.

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