How to Wash Your Face Properly – 4 Simple and Easy Steps

You might be thinking what is that new about washing your face. You do it every day for quite a few times and it seems to be the simplest chore for you. Well, do you know that most of us can’t do this extremely common and easy task the right way? Yes, washing our face is vital and we need to do it properly in order to prevent several skin problems. Here are 4 steps that will help you in your way:

How to Wash Your Face Properly – 4 Simple and Easy Steps

Get Prepared

1. A perfect face cleaning always needs some preparation. You have to keep all your hair, especially those smart fringes or sexy bangs, away from your face. Just pull back the locks and tie them up with the help of a hair tie or hair band. A headband can also prevent them from getting in your way.

2. If your hands are not clean enough, you will never get an absolutely clear face through washing. The reason is that the germs and dirt present in your hands will easily find their place on your face. Hence, wash both of your hands properly prior to washing your face.

3. Also, remove all sorts of makeup from your face before washing it. Make it a point to wipe even the last trace of makeup from your face in order to jump to the next step.

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Wet Your Face

1. No, you can’t just take some water and splash it to your face. The biggest mistake that we do during face cleaning is to use too hot or too cold water. It can take a toll on your face by rupturing the delicate capillaries over time. So, always keep some lukewarm water handy so that you do not end up hurting your facial skin.

2. Now, take the water in your hands and splash it to your face carefully. The most excellent advantage of getting your face wet with lukewarm water is that it opens up the pores easily and helps deep clean the skin by cleaning out the dirt present underneath the surface layer.

Cleanse Your Face

1. When it comes to cleansing the face in a proper manner, choosing the right cleanser becomes extremely important. You have to pick one depending upon the type of your skin. For girls with normal skin, any kind of facial cleanser may work. But if you have a dry to sensitive skin, try to stick to soap-free, mild cleansers that are not that harsh on the skin.

2. Take a pea-sized amount of cleanser in your hand and apply it all over your face using your fingertips. Start massaging upward on to the skin gently by running the fingers in small circular motions. Continue it for at least 30 seconds so that enough lather is formed and your face is scrubbed perfectly. Focus on your hairline, T-zone and both sides of the nose as these are the oiliest as well as the most dirt-filled area of our faces.

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Rinse Your Face

1. After cleansing, it is time to rinsing the face. This time, you have to use comparatively colder water. But remember, the water must not be taken out of the freezer as freezing cold water can shock your face without closing your open skin pores properly. So, keep some cold water handy.

2. Now, splash the cold water to your face several times. Rub the skin gently so that no trace of the cleanser remains in it and you get a thorough wash. Or else, the pores will be clogged leading to unexpected breakouts.

Finally, take a soft clean cloth and pat the face dry. Make sure that you do not rub your facial skin as it may harm the top layer significantly.

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