All you wanted to know about Body Sculpture Toning Lotion

Many of us have excess fat in the body which simply refuses to budge despite heavy duty exercising and dieting. This is because sometimes it so happens that the body is programmed to store this fat and no amount of exercise can release it. If all your attempts towards weight loss have failed then an alternative solution is the use of Body Sculpture Toning Lotion. Body Sculpture Toning Lotion is a topical application lotion that claims to give you a tight and sexy look. We give you all the details about Body Sculpture Toning lotion here.

How does Body Sculpture Toning Lotion Work?

Body Sculpture Toning Lotion

Body Sculpture Toning Lotion utilizes a patented liposome delivery system that transports all the active ingredients in the lotion from the skin directly onto the fat cells. This lotion increases the metabolism of the fat cells and also reduces the size and thickness of the fat layer by dehydrating the fat cells. It also blocks an enzyme called phosphidiesterase which causes a slowdown in the fat breakdown process.

Not just this, the lotion adds moisture to the deepest layers of the skin, making it soft and supple.

What are the active ingredients of the toning lotion?

The lotion contains natural active ingredients which are organic kukui nut oil, organic caffeine, organic lechithin, green tea extracts and silicone. It also contains parabens.


The price of the Toning Lotion varies depending on where you source is from. It is distributed by Spectrum Partners of Beverly Hills, CA. An 8 fl Oz tube may cost you from $20 to $29.99 depending on where you buy it from.

Who can use Body Sculpture Toning Lotion?

The lotion can be used by men and women alike who are wanting to lose excess fat and cellulite and also by women wanting to get rid of stretch marks.

How to use the toning lotion?

The toning lotion can be used all over the body, be it hips, thighs, abs, obliques, arms and torso. It helps remove cellulite from your thighs and is also effective on the love handles. It is odorless, gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not cause any staining of clothes too. The toning lotion needs to be massaged on the required part of the skin for about 30 to 60 seconds in circular motions, twice a day. It shows best results if you apply it once in the morning and once early evening. So for convenience, use it right after your morning shower. Massage well into the skin, leave it to dry for about half a minute before dressing.

How long does Body Sculpture Toning Lotion take to show results?

Body Sculpture Toning Lotion shows visible difference in two to four weeks. You will see your skin becoming tighter and more resilient with regular use. After using for sixty days, you will almost hit a plateau, after which, the makers of the lotion themselves recommend that it be used only once a day to maintain the toned skin.

Does Body Sculpture Toning Lotion Really Work?

Many men and women have given rave reviews about the product tightening their skin and firming it up. It works better than many other popular OTC firming lotions. However, its ability to make you lose excess weight may not be upto the extent of the product’s claim. While it does help your skin firm up and become more resilient, it just does an average job in dissolving excess weight.

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Should you try it?

If you are going to combine the lotion usage with exercise, then definitely yes, because then you will see remarkable difference in your body. The lotion shows best effect when it is coupled with exercise.

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