Vitamin D for Acne Prone Skin – Uncover the Truth

At school, we were all taught that the source of Vitamin D was sunshine. At that age, we were out quite a lot, soaking in the sun and getting a lot of vitamin D. It is produced by the body itself when it is exposed to sunlight. However, now, since we spend almost all the daytime indoors, step out before it is hot and get back home after sundown, we do not get enough sun and our body becomes deficient in Vitamin D.

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Check your Vitamin D levels:

If you have a case of severe acne, then it is recommended to get your vitamin D levels checked since the lack of it can lead to acne. This is because having a healthy level of vitamin D in the body helps in controlling cell replication which also keeps the pores constricted.

Vitamin D controls pore enlargement:

If vitamin D is lower in the body, then the sebaceous gland gets enlarged. Subsequently, they start producing a lot of sebum. The sebum reaches the surface of the skin and becomes a hub for the proliferation of acne causing bacteria.

In order to control the production of sebum, it is essential that the body is not deficient of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is Anti-inflammatory:

Also, vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties. When the body has to react to inflammation, it is taken care of by Vitamin D. It regulates the cells that respond to an inflammation in the body. In this way, vitamin D can be helpful in controlling the inflammation caused by acne. It also reduces the redness caused by acne.

Vitamin D is also anti-microbial:

Vitamin D also controls the response of the immune system towards infections caused by bacteria. Thus, it is helpful in countering the attack from bacteria such as Staphylococcus epidermis and P. acnes. P acnes is known to cause acne on the skin. By combating against these bacteria, vitamin D can help prevent acne.

Vitamin D relieves stress:

Vitamin D also functions as an antioxidant. This safeguards the skin cells from becoming dull. Vitamin D is also said to be a stress reliever. Lesser stress automatically means fewer breakouts.

So how do you get your dose of vitamin D?

First of all, get as much good sunlight as possible. An early morning walk three-four times a week is the best way to get it. The sunlight helps synthesize vitamin D in the body.

If you have darker toned skin, it would get difficult for it to absorb vitamin D. also, if you live in parts that do not get adequate sunlight, then your body is bound to get deficient of vitamin D.

So in order to make up for it, you can consume vitamin D supplements and get your dose of vitamin D. The tolerable upwards intake of vitamin D for any person of age 9-71 is 4000 IU/day.

So about time you get yourself tested for vitamin D levels and ensure you take the first step towards great skin!

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