Vegetable Peels- Don’t throw it away! Make Your Own Facial At Home

There is one commonality between teenage girls and working women – the dire need to possess flawless and healthy looking skin. Looking at the maddening work hours and late nights, where is the time to frequent beauty salons? Chill out as there is a revolutionary formula that has evolved straight from Grandma’s kitchen. No moisturising cream or face pack it is but ‘Vegetable peels’ that secretly know how to make your face look youthful and supple. Check out the various peel alternatives available right there in your kitchen for your face before you dispose them off:


Next time you are waiting to dig into cucumber slices during power lunch sessions, put a slice on both your eyes. Not only do they reduce dark circles, they also help reduce blemishes around the eyes.

Cucumber Peel

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Okay the good old potato is full of carbohydrates and therefore energy, but the Vitamin C quotient in the potato peels has the capacity to uproot the troublesome acne from the face and puffiness around the eyes too.

Potato Peel

Sweet Potato

Dark circles rob the face of beauty and shine. Battle this out by putting sweet potato slices on your eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties help you immensely in wiping out puffiness around eyes, wrinkles and dark circles.

Sweet Potato Peel


Face bleaching creams can be harsh on skin, particularly the dry and oily ones. Use lemon peel as a healthy alternative. It helps bleach your face to perfection and in the process removes tan too.

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Winters bring this wonderful veggie to our kitchen for that lovely gajar ka halwa. But it’s the carrot peel that works wonder in treating wrinkles. Put them on the wrinkle-affected area preferably twice a week in order to reduce them.

Carrot Peel

Bitter Gourd

Karela might be the bitter medicine for diabetics but its juice has awesome medicinal properties. Apply bitter gourd juice on skin scars religiously in order to keep dull looking skin at bay.

Bitter Gourd Peel


Next time you throw away a banana peel after you are done eating, think again. The peel has skin whitening abilities that can put artificial bleach to shame. Use green banana peels on the face and neck region to reduce skin blemishes.


With winters around, a plate of hot mooli ke paranthe with dollops of butter on it sounds super delicious. But for the skin-conscious, it works wonders when it comes to treating blackheads on nose. The radish peel has copious amounts of Vitamin B6 that can soften and remove the irritating blackheads when massaged on the skin.


Dab some cosmetic cream to get glowing cheeks. But if you want to acquire rosy cheeks, massage the beetroot peel on the face for that super blushing look.

Beetroot Peel

So next time, make use of the leftovers of vegetable peels and walk around in a beautiful and confident way.

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