Vega Premium Collection – Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) Review

When it comes to styling hair, soft luscious curls are always my favorite. Before purchasing this Hot Curl Hair Brush from Vega, I never had to use any kind of hair curling tool as I’m blessed with naturally wavy hair with soft curls here and there. But the pollution, dirt, dust and scorching heat of the sun have damaged my manes to a large extent. So, my hair has turned dry, rough and frizzy and I’ve lost my beautiful curls. I heard a lot about Vega and thought of giving this brush a try. Check out the review to know how it fared with me.

About Vega Premium Collection Hair-Brush

Vega Premium Collection of Hair Brushes include various types of models which makes it easy to choose a hair brush that gives you what you want. Selecting the right brush for your hair type, you can create any style from glamorously curly, volume and bounce to ultra-straight. You can never go wrong with a Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush.

Product Description:

Vega Premium Collection Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) is intended for faster styling, curling or straightening hair. It also adds volume and hair shining during blowdrying. Some of its key features are:

  • Handle designed for greater comfort
  • Well-balanced, flexible & superior design of bristles
  • Simple design with an emphasis on function
  • Hygienic and easy to clean

Vega Premium Collection – Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) Review

Hot Curl Brush Benefits:

Ideal for adding wave, curl during blow drying and at the same time it makes your hair shiny and also helps in straightening and smoothing. The heat-activated ceramic coating allows for even heat distribution and better heat retention, cutting your drying time and makes your hair setting lasts long. Suitable for short to long hair.


Divide your hair into very small sections and curl them with the brush, while blow drying with a good dryer.

Cleaning Instructions:

Wash brush regularly in lukewarm water with mild soap. Rinse and dry naturally or use a hair dryer on a cool setting.


At home or at the parlour, always use your own hair brush for better hygiene.

Vega Premium Collection – Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) Review


Rs. 475


Online only

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Vega Premium Collection Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) comes in a long plastic packaging. It is made of high quality transparent plastic that allows us to take a look at the styling tool from outside clearly. There is a grey sheet of paper inserted inside it, which contains necessary information about the company, brief description of the product and some more information about other brushes from the same range i.e. Premium Collection.

The brush itself is a long pretty tool colored in black and white. The design is quite simple but I found it really easy to hold and use. The handle has white plastic body with black rubber coating on it, which helps us get good, firm grip. It has heat activated ceramic cutting and the nylon bristles are very evenly distributed. But I found them a tad bit hard on hair.

There is nothing great about the packaging. Though the plastic packaging is firm enough, it is not that convenient for traveling. However, the tool itself can be slipped into a hand bag, but it can damage the bristles completely.

My Take on Vega Premium Collection Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small):

As said before, I’m new to such hair curling brushes and this Hot Curl hair brush is an absolutely new thing to try for me. There is no instruction printed on the packaging or anywhere else. So, I had to Google the usage procedure and after a lot of research, I started using it on my own hair.

I use it gently on my locks, while blow drying them. Usually, I divide my hair into several small sections and take one at a time for this purpose. Mine is the small version of Premium Collection Hot Brush range, which has a small diameter and hence, can’t be used on a large section of hair at a time. The smaller section of hair you take, the better it works. As a result, the whole process becomes quite time-consuming.

Vega Premium Collection – Hot Curl Hair Brush (Small) Review

I’m yet to master the process, but still, I can say that this product delivers satisfying results if used with patience. The bristles are a bit hard on the locks and you must use it gently in order to avoid damages. Initially, I used to put lots of pressure on the hair while using this brush, which caused significant hair fall to me. But then, I realized my fault and started using it cautiously. It is also not for regular use. But I get nice soft curls each time I use it. I have medium-length hair and this small brush can add well-defined curls to it.

It has heat activated ceramic cutting and the nylon bristles are uniformly distributed through them. These promote the retention of heat and reduce the drying time of our hair considerably. However, it the curls created by this brush don’t last very long. It stays maximum 16 to 18 hours and then, my hair starts falling flat again. It really makes hair smoother. But my hair has never been shiny after using it.

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  • Suitable for hair of all length
  • Heat activated ceramic cutting
  • Even heat distribution and better heat retention
  • Creates beautiful soft curls
  • Gives definition to the curls
  • Makes hair smoother
  • Nice compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber handle for firm grip
  • Reasonably priced


  • No direction for use on the packaging
  • A little hard bristles
  • Doesn’t make hair shiny
  • Time-consuming procedure
  • Curls don’t stay long
  • May cause hair fall if not used properly
  • Boring plastic packaging
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Not easily available everywhere

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend?

If you are a beginner in the field of hair styling, try your hand at this brush. The result should not disappoint you unless and until you turn into a pro.


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