Vanish Your Acne Scars with Helichrysum Oil

A scar on the body or face is not acceptable by today’s girls; as a matter of fact every girl yearns to have a flawless, glowing and healthy skin. The opportunities waiting out are plenty and you need to look perfect, to go out and make your every dream come true.


No matter how small a scar is they are always dreaded by all. Everyone wants to get rid of it some way or the other. As per studies around eighty percent of the population deal with scar issues. Do not worry if you are one of them too, because nature has some amazing miracle products in store for us that will help us achieve the flawlessness that we always wanted. Usually people just rush to dermatologist if they have any skin issues, but the fact is that you don’t need to spend a bomb on certain things. You can sit at the comfort of your home and enjoy the benefits of a professional treatment too by using the right products. We are talking about the essential oils.

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Essential oil:

The essential oil is very much used in the treatment of scars and has shown amazing results too. Essential oil is known to cleanse the skin from within. To clear the scars especially helichrysum oil is widely used. Helichrysum oil specially targets the acne scars and such mild scars.

Acne scar treatment:

Helichrysum as well as other such essential oils happen to be very natural products as they are got from the plants and herbs therefore they have mild or no side effects. Helichrysum oil has been extracted from a flower through steam distillation.

Helichrysum oil to treat scars

  • DIY recipe for scars


Helichrysum oil- 1 ml

Sage- 10 drops

Neroli-5 drops

Hazelnut oil- 1 OZ

Rosehip seed oil- 1 oz.

Lavender oil- 1 ml


Take a bowl and put the above mentioned ingredients into it. Mix all the ingredients well. Apply this mixture on the scars daily twice. Use it regularly until you achieve the desired result.

  • Old scars:  To treat the old scars especially a combination of Helichrysum oil as well as sage oil has to be applied regularly on the scar.

Everlasting (Helichrysum) – 1 ml

Rose Hip seed oil- 1ml

Sage oil- 1ml

Hazelnut oil- 15 ml (1/2 oz.)

Apply this combination on old scars regularly and you will soon find a noticeable difference.

  • On wounds: A simple mix of ingredients should be applied on wound in order to avoid the eventual scar formation. For which you can mix 10 drops of Helichrysum oil and 1 ounce of Rosehip seed oil and apply it on the wound couple of times a day. This will let the wound heal really fast and avoid the scarring and prevent keloid formation too.

Benefits of Helichrysum oil:

Helichrysum oil is the best essential oil to treat scar tissue, be it from a recent wound or tissue that has had scars since years. It mainly targets in stopping the bleeding and allows the scar to heal itself. The helichrysum oil when added with carrier oil becomes an excellent remedy for stretch marks, surgical scars as well as acne scars apart from all the other kind of scars.

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The helichrysum oil has to be used for around four to five weeks in order to achieve satisfying results. Helichrysum oil is known to have a good shelf life hence it can be stored for a long time which is not possible with other essential oils.

Helichrysum oil is widely used in many of the skin products. You can also try it, just add 3 drops of helichrysum oil to your skin products and use them and experience the difference yourself. Helichrysum oil is also great on inflamed as well as sensitive skin.

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