How to Use Hair Straightening Machine Safely and Effectively

Do you desire to flaunt shiny and straight hair that adds to your beauty quotient effortlessly? It is undoubtedly the dream of every girl to be blessed with natural straight hair. However, not all are lucky enough…nothing to worry, even if you do not possess natural straight tresses. As they say, there is always a way if you have the will, right?

Hair Straightening Machine

You can try the temporary hair straightening process to satisfy your secret desire of beautiful straight hair. Be it in parties or get- together, look elegant and at your very best with straight stylish hair-do with help of easy to use tools and machines. If you are not comfortable using a hair straightening iron, taking the help of a professional is always the best way.

Tips of Handling a Hair Straightener with Safety

For those who want to try hair straightening by self, read below to know the tips and tricks of handling it in order to show off some killer hair styles.

Always remember to use flat iron that is clean and without any residue. Take a damp clean cloth to make the iron dirt free before using it.

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Set the temperature of the hair straightening iron to medium in accordance to hair type and size. Never heat the iron at high temperature as that will damage your hair badly, resulting in frizzy and dull curls. For a more natural straight hair look, you can opt for blow dry with layered partitions and styling. Keep combing your hair to prevent your hair from getting entangled.

Make sure to grip the straightener strongly so that you do not burn off your hair or hands badly. The clamps of the iron should not be held too tightly in order to give your mane a glossy effect.

For temporary hair straightening solution, it is suggested that you avoid using water or oil on the hair for some days as it brings back the curls easily. Instead use serum after you have straightened your hair to add nourishment to the follicles.

Heat and pressure used in the straightening process may result in hair fall and damage. Hence it is suggested that you use only branded products to stay away from adverse effects.

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Steps to Straighten Your Hair

Follow the steps of hair straightening provided below and become the crescendo of all eyes. It not only gives you shiny tresses worth admiration but also adds confidence and elegance to your personality in an effortless style.

1. Clean and wash your hair properly, using a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Dry it thoroughly with a clean towel.

2. Use serum on hair as a protection against any harm during straightening. Make sure that you do not use the serum at the hair roots.

3.  After you have dried your hair completely, comb it well so that the serum spreads through the hair evenly.

4. Divide your hair in several layers and tie with hair clips. Hold each layer tightly and use the straightening iron through it like a comb. Repeat this process for all the layers to get straight and shiny tresses quickly and easily.

5. Finally spray some hair smoothing creams and lotion to get silky and attractive hair. However make sure to abide by the guidance and advice of professional to avoid any hassle.

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