Use Hair Rollers The Right Way! It’s Easy

Love those soft and wavy curls that kiss your face in a shy and affectionate manner? Flaunting some soft hair curls definitely enhances the beauty of a woman as it adds volume, shine and confidence to her character. Be it your cousin’s marriage party or a lady’s get together, curled hairdo done properly has always been a hit throughout. Getting professional help is always the easy and best way, however if you are not ready to spend money and energy going for the parlor, we can give you some guidelines and tips of handling the hair rollers confidently on your own.

Trying to work with the hair rollers can be a tricky and tough job initially for an amateur individual. But with some patience and dedication, you can always get your hair done rightly at home itself. Browse through the list we have jotted down together and get to use your hair rollers effortlessly and stylishly.

Hair Rollers

Pre styling Tips of Handling Your Hair Rollers Right

As you gear up to roll your hair in proper layers that makes it look bouncy, lustrous and voluminous, here are the ways to maintain for maximum beauty and charm:

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Opt for a Velcro roller as it keeps your hair smooth and natural without any twist and tangle problems. It is suggested by professionals that foam rollers and Velcro rollers are less destructive on the hair.

Velcro roller

Decide the hairdo you want beforehand…whether you need soft long curls in less number or short frequent curls. If you opt for the first option, try the large rollers and vice versa. For those having thick and long hair, it is suggested that you divide it in sections while using hair rollers.

As you use hair rollers for any party or occasion, always wash your hair properly in advance. This helps keep the curls last longer without making it look messy and frizzy. If you have naturally shiny hair, it is observed that using conditioner tends to make it too slippery. Hence, avoid it when opting for hair rollers.

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Tips of Hair Styling With Rollers

After you are done with the pre-styling suggestions, it’s time to learn the ways of hair styling for maximum benefits. Take note of the steps stated below:

For complete and long lasting curls, tie the rollers tightly on your hair and remove it only when cooled completely.

Use only rollers that suit your hair length as it may take too long to set those curls with an improper roller.

Also apply strips of tissue paper when using hair clips on freshly done curls to avoid pin marks. You can even bank on a mild hairspray to keep your locks in perfect place and shape.

Don up for a glamorous look and enjoy the admiration of all eyes as you become the head-turner in every party. Get going… its easy girls.

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