Why should you use ammonia free hair color?

When you see the commercials with celebrities with lustrous colourful locks, I am sure that you also feel like experimenting with hair colour and changing your look. But while doing so, remember that you should go in for a hair colour that is ammonia free and relatively less harmful on the hair. Why so? That is because ammonia is a harmful ingredient. Read on to know more.

ammonia free hair color

Ammonia damages the shaft

Ammonia is a common ingredient in hair colours since it helps open up the cuticles of the hair and allows the penetration of the hair colour into the centre of each hair strand. Once the cuticle opens up, the pigments from the hair colour can reach the middle section of the hair, namely the cortex.

cross section hair of hair

This helps in better absorption of the pigment into the hair. As a result, the hair colour lasts longer despite regular hair wash.  However effective the method may be, one should not overlook the ill effects of using ammonia ridden hair colours. Ammonia is a chemical that is used as a cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn stains. So just imagine the kind of effect that it would have on the hair!

More importantly, in order to make your hair imbibe the colour for the colour treatment to last longer, what ammonia is doing in the process is damaging your hair shaft.  Unless properly cared for, hair treated with ammonia laden colour gets damaged since ammonia destroys the protein and moisture in the hair to a large extent.

Ammonia as a chemical is an irritant

Add to this the really pungent odour of ammonia that can make you nauseous. It is known to cause a stinging effect in the eyes. Inhaling it could lead to irritation in the throat and can cause severe cough.

Switch to ammonia free products

Since it has come to be known that hair colour with ammonia can cause significant damage to the hair, there have been many hair colouring products launched in the market that are ammonia free and yet guarantee you lasting hair colour. They use an alternative called MEA or monoethanolamine which is not as harsh as ammonia on the hair. They provide coverage that is almost as good as products with ammonia and last you a good duration.  While it is not entirely safe, what an ammonia free product can guarantee is that it will not damage your hair to a great extent or leave it very dry.

There are many products in India that are ammonia free from brands like L’oreal, Revlon and Garnier.  So the next time you pay a visit to the salon for hair colouring, ask for an ammonia free product.

Best remedy is to go natural!

Or better still, if it is grey coverage only that you are looking for, give trying natural hair colouring like Henna a go. While it may not work wonders in the first or second application, subsequent use will cover your greys and also add body to your hair. That way, you can be sure that you are not feeding your hair any harmful chemicals.

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