Understanding Organic Oxygen Facial

This is indeed a cruel world, and you have to subject yourself to so many toxins around you. Your skin, the largest organ of your body, absorbs toxins all day long. It needs a break once in a while, and a facial may be just the break it required. An organic oxygen facial has it all. It is organic and offers your skin a fresh oxygen blast. If that would not rejuvenate your skin, we don’t know what will!

Why Organic Oxygen Facial?

The name of the facial bares it all. Here’s why it is an excellent recourse for dry, dull and damaged skin:

  • Oxygen revitalizes your skin and refreshes the skin cells enabling them to be more efficient.
  • Organic ingredients pamper your skin without any side effects and make your skin look younger and fresh.
  • The facial increases blood flow to your skin, giving you a natural glow and healthy looking skin.
  • It opens clogged pores to bring brightness and clarity to your face. The unclogged pores breathe easier and your skin is healthier.
  • Oxygen kills off any germs and bacteria on your skin, preventing irritations and treating rashes and acne.
  • The facial ingredients are infused with antioxidants that help restore the skin’s natural balance, remove stray oxygen radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Organic Oxygen Facial

Benefits of a Facial

A facial has many benefits and when done with organic oxygen, these benefits are multiplied many times over. Here’s what you can expect after a facial.

  • Your skin’s pores get clogged with the skin’s natural oils known as sebum. As the buildup in the pores increases, they become prone to breakouts, redness and allergies. After a facial, your feels clean because of the professional exfoliation and cleansing of your pores.
  • The massaging action of the facial generates heat on your skin. This causes the underlying blood vessels to dilate and increases in size. As a result, more blood rushes to your skin, bringing with it a lot of nourishment. Your skin becomes bright and shines with the signs of good health.
  • Oxygenated action on your skin detoxifies it, removing any and all toxins that may be harming your skin or giving it an older appearance. After the facial, your skin looks free of blemishes and appears much younger.
  • Oxygen’s action on the skin also alleviates many generic problems of the skin. If your skin is too dry or flaky, the facial will thoroughly moisturize it and make it supple. If you have skin that is too oily, the facial will help remove excess oils, giving your skin a matte appearance. If your skin is too wrinkly, the facial will soften the wrinkles. It may even completely remove any fine lines – especially those around the eyes and the lips.
  • The facial is also very beneficial to all your other senses. It relaxes your mind, soothes your nerves and also de-stresses your facial muscles. The massaging action can help you regain your inner balance, promoting wellness. The surge of oxygen in your skin has many benefits to your overall health as well.
  • If you have a lot of water retention, the increased flow of blood to your facial skin helps improve lymphatic drainage. This reduces the appearance of puffiness and improves several of the skin’s cellular functions. It also promotes the growth of fresh skin cells, preventing premature aging of your skin.
  • The massaging action tones up the muscles of the skin and firms any of the weakened muscles in your face.
  • Finally, a facial is the perfect way to take out time for yourself so that you can relax, unwind and de-stress yourself. This is a purifying ritual for your body and helps detox your skin. If you are a busy woman with work, family and your home calling for attention all the time, this is a perfect monthly ritual to keep young, fresh, relaxed and energetic.

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