Try this Simple Ways to De-clog your Ears at home

Reduced hearing capacity due to plugged ears can create funny moments. But on a serious note, when your ears are clogged there can be other problems too. You might feel severe pain in ear, annoying ringing or windy sound in the ear, itchy feeling in the ear, dizziness or loss of balance and sometimes there can be discretion of pus or blood also.

De-clog your Ears at home

What Are The Reasons For Ear Clogging

You might find that your ear is blocked due to any of the following reasons

1. Excessive congestion of ear wax
2. Cold Or Sinus Infection
3. Amassing of water within the ear
4. Because of atmospheric pressure during descending of aeroplane
5. Obstruction in the Eustachian tubes

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Home Remedies To Cure Clogged Ears

Unless you are sure that the your ears are not clogged due to any infection or other serious problem, you can try to unclog them with below mentioned home remedies.

1. The Easy method of Valsalva manoeuvre:

It is a simple technique through which you can de-clog your ears. Follow the steps

• Close your nostrils with your fingers and also lock your mouth firmly.
• Now try to take a deep breath and then exhale through your nose.
• Though seems simple but it is tricky to follow. If you are able to do it correctly then there should be sound coming from your ears and it shall give you instant relief as your Eustachian tubes get opened.

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2. Using of Oils To Soften The Ear Wax:

You can use different kinds of oils like Olive oil, lavender oil, garlic oil, glycerine or baby oil and pour in your ears to get relieved from ear was congestion

• Before pouring the oil into your ears, make sure you heat the oil till it becomes lukewarm
• Now take a dropper and pour few drops in your ears. Always tilt your head or lie down with problem ear facing the ceiling
• Let the oil remain for 10-15 minutes. This will soften your ear wax and make it easy to remove
• Now you can remove the wax with a cotton ball or ear buds.

3. The Steam Therapy:

When your ears are clogged due to sinus or blocked nose, you can try to take steam to unplug your ears

• In order to take steam, you have to take hot boiling water in a bowl
• And then add some essential oils to it.
• Now cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam with deep breaths.
• Do this for at least 10 minutes to get relief from clogged nose and ears.

4. Heat Compress for easing pain:

Sometimes when there is excruciating pain in your ears you can try heat compress to get relief.

• You can take a soft cotton cloth and iron it to make it hot or you can dip it in hot water
• Now place the cloth on your ear and let it be like that for 15 minutes.
• This process will relieve your pain and ease the clogged ear.

5. Chewing gum, Candy Or Yawning:

This might sound a bit weird, but such small tactics can also de-clog your ears in a jiffy.

• Especially while travelling on aircraft you should keep a chewing gum handy so as to remain unaffected by the atmospheric pressure while landing or take off.
• At times eating a candy or hard chocolate can open the Eustachian tubes of your ears.
• And yes, sometimes even yawning with your mouth wide open can help in unclogging your ears.

6. Hydrogen peroxide drops:

This name comes to the mind first when you encounter any problem of clogged ears due to excessive wax.

• To try this technique, take a drop and pour few drops of this solution in your ears and keep your head tilted
• Let the solution work in your ear for at least 10 minutes or so
• Then after 10 minutes you will see the ear wax coming out on the surface of the ear.
• Use this eardrops with caution and refrain from using it when you have any allergy

We hope these simple and doable solutions will help you in keeping your ears unclogged.

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