The Truth About Vampire Facials

Vampire facial is a term used for a cosmetic procedure where about 2 teaspoons of blood is taken out from the patients arm and is injected back into the soft skin tissues of their face to rejuvenate the skin and fight ageing.

vampire facelift

The Process

Using a couple of tubes the blood from the arm is drawn out. The blood is the mixed with certain chemicals and spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood into various components. The nutrient rich platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is inserted back into the face skin using a syringe to stimulate more collagen and elastin so as to increase the luminosity of the skin. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and requires tropical anesthesia. By injecting filler agents and growth rich platelets, the collagen layer of the skin thickens, reducing the wrinkle visibility. Many cosmetic practitioners also believe that platelet rich plasma injections help encourage growth of new cells to develop a smoother appearance in very little time.


The process aims to smooth the skin and give it more texture and volume due to the stimulated collagen production. The results are reduced lines and wrinkles, cured under – eye circles, smoother, fairer, healthier, youthful and fresher skin. The results are of course seen only over time, when the volume of the skin increases. In addition to healthy skin, the patient would be able to eliminate facial blemishes also.


The side effects include slight redness which is similar to sunburn and results can be seen only within two weeks. Occasionally the patients also experience some bruising and soreness. Moreover, the results also fade in a few days and it is recommended to have the process done every four to six months depending on how much care of the skin is taken. In addition to all this, the platelet rich plasma is not even FDA approved for injecting into the face and most process practitioners are not board certified plastic surgeons. Therefore, it is very important to do a complete research of the practitioner before embarking upon the process.


With so many beauty products in the market and more simpler methods to enhance facial skin, would you really want to go through a surgical facial? Whether or not to get a vampire facial is a very personal decision that depends on what you really want. Younger and fresher skin surely comes with a price and price is definitely high. Moreover, after all the pain undertaken, you may get your old skin back in sometime.

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