Have you tried Steam Bath or Sauna to cure Acne yet?

What’s the first thing your beautician does when you start your facial? Steaming to cleanse your face, right? Steaming helps open up the pores on your face so that you can reach into the pores and rid them of dirt, oil and grime. It goes without saying that once your pores are cleansed after steaming, the problems associated with clogged pores should go away. So can one use a steam bath or sauna  to cure acne? Read on to find out.

All about skin pores and acne

The skin naturally produces sebum which resides in the skin pores. Add to it our daily exposure to dirt, pollution and grime which settle on the skin and get absorbed into the skin pores. This makes the pores a breeding ground for bacteria which ends up causing eruptions in the skin.  What’s more, the clogged pores can cause blackheads and whiteheads too and come in way of flaunting a clear skin.

There is no way to control the sebaceous glands from producing sebum. It helps if you keep your skin clean and free from sebum if you are looking to prevent acne and regular cleansing is the way to do it. Scrubbing the skin will help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing also helps remove any dead skin cells clogging the pores.

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How can Sauna help?

Steam Bath or Sauna to cure Acne

The steam in the sauna heats up your body and causes you to sweat. It takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to work up a sweat. This opens up the pores in the skin. It also makes the sebum loosen up and flow out of the pores. Once this happens, you can scrub the sebum off the surface of the skin and clean up the pores.

How to use a sauna to cure acne?

If you are looking to use a sauna to cure acne, check with your gym if it has a sauna, most of them do. Go armed with a body wash, a loofah and a face scrub. Step into the sauna or steam bath and wait until you start sweating. It usually takes about half an hour for you to start sweating. The steam opens up the pores in the skin that house the sebaceous glands. As a result, the sebum is removed from the skin pores along with the sweat.

After about half an hour of steam bath, head to the shower. Use your exfoliating face scrub to slough the dead cells off the skin surface and to clear out the pores. Focus on the nose or other blackhead prone areas to rid your pores of any clogging. Use a loofah to scrub your body too so that your skin is renewed. Shower under lukewarm water and you are well on your way to clearer and more supple skin.

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How often to use a steam bath?

The heat from the steam can damage your skin if you expose it to too much steam. So limit the steam bath to a once a week . Regular sauna will help you keep your skin pores clean.

Is a steam bath effective for acne?

Can you use a sauna to cure acne? Yes, if you also maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside. Steam bathing followed up with scrubbing will help keep your skin pores squeaky clean. Once your pores are clean, you can be sure that the primary causes of acne are gotten rid of. If you regularly visit the sauna, you can be sure to kiss your skin woes goodbye!

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