How to Treat Scar Tissue in Scalp?

Scar tissue in scalp is referred to as scarring alopecia in medical terms. There are many types of scarring alopecia. In all the scarring alopecia, it is common, to face a permanent and irremediable damage of hair follicles. The damaged hair follicles are then replaced by lesions, the consequence of which are scar tissue. The scars can be due to a severe injury, injury of long time, acne, psoriasis. Acne on the scalp develops in to scar tissue. Hair are lost in large numbers with scalp showing. It can embarrassing if scalp shows in a certain part of hair. There is no definite prevention of scar tissue in hair, but there are ways you can repair the scar tissue and minimize its visibility.

How to Treat Scar Tissue in Scalp?

How to treat scar tissue in scalp?

Get rid of acne

Acne can also breed on the scalp and can be a cause of scar development. To avoid the scar tissue from developing, it is important you get rid of acne at first. Treat the acne with home remedies or through a prescribed method by dermatologist. The idea is to treat the acne at the earliest. You can even treat it using shampoo consisting of salicylic acid, through twice a week hair wash.

Hair Extensions

Scars can leave you with no hair and scalp to show. Showing a patchy scalp can be embarrassing. Hair extensions are an answer to avoid the scarred or patchy scalp from showing. Scar will heal through medication overtime, hair follicles may not re grow the lost hair. Extensions in such cases will come handy.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is your natural source to build and maintain healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E is rich in collagen production . It also ensures healthy flow of oxygen to the scalp and clean blood vessels. This will prevent acne and in turn scar from developing. Vitamin E has natural antioxidant qualities which is why it is used in large measures in beauty products and also highly recommended by dermatologists and trichologists.


The management of scar tissue through laser treatment is now a popular choice. Laser treatment, replaces the old dead layer of the skin with a new one. This helps reduce the visibility of the scar largely.

Scalp Massages

Scalp Massages

Scalp Massage, stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and also removes the dead layer of skin on the scar.

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Hair Implantation

An answer by technology to balding problem. It is an ideal method if you want to cover up your scars, patches with hair through surgery. Hair implantation has lately become a popular measure for bald men and also people who face hair loss patches due to ageing, stress, acne, scar tissue etc

Do you have any other method you would like to recommend for repairing scar tissues in scalp?

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