Treat Acne with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is product that may be present in every household but its contribution in skincare or acne is not much known. The fact is that hydrogen peroxide can actually help in treating your worst enemy- Acne!

Treat Acne with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is usually found in 3% concentration over-the-counter and is mainly used for cleaning the skin wounds. For this same reason, hydrogen peroxide is used in acne clearing too.

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Hydrogen peroxide basically kills the bacteria on the skin which is responsible for causing acne. It oxygenates the pores, which in turn helps to prevent potential pimples by creating an aerobic environment in the skin, in which the bacteria will not survive.

Note: Before using hydrogen peroxide on your skin, make sure your face is cleansed well with a gentle soap. This will ensure all the dirt, oil as well as the makeup is removed from the skin. Although hydrogen peroxide is great to treat acne, it does not mean it can replace your cleanser.

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Hydrogen peroxide and acne:

The 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide can be used as a toner to reduce acne formation. It is absolutely safe to be used on the skin. Hydrogen peroxide is the mildest, decomposes quickly and does not have any bleaching effect on the skin.

Acne treatment with hydrogen peroxide:

Dip a cotton ball in the hydrogen peroxide solution and swab the affected area. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to work its magic for a couple of minutes. When it is put on the skin it starts bubbling, when the bubbling stops remove the cotton from your skin and rinse the area with water. Once it is washed, follow it up by applying a good moisturizer on the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide can also act as a peeling agent. They remove the film of dirt that covers the skin, which is made of excess sebum, bacteria as well as dead skin. Chemical exfoliation will help in making the skin softer and healthier fading the acne scars also in the meantime.

Points to note while using hydrogen peroxide in acne treatment:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide, like all chemical based acne remedies comes with certain side effects therefore it should be used with caution.
  2. First and foremost, if you experience severe itching, burning sensation, redness etc. then it is advised to stop the treatment right away. 
  3. Make sure you do not use hydrogen peroxide near your eyes. Hydrogen peroxide is caustic and has the power to damage your eyes. It can also bleach your eyelashes as well as eyebrows. 
  4. Certain studies have also claimed that long term usage of hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to your skin. It will decrease the skin ability to naturally slough off old cells and generate new layers with long term usage. 
  5. The side effects can be reduced to an extent if the hydrogen peroxide is diluted with a medication containing the least strength of the peroxide and then following it up with a good moisturizer.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide while treating acne can also give you dry skin so no matter which skin type you belong to using a moisturizer is really important.
  7. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent remedy for treating acne provided you use it in moderation. 

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