Top 8 Tips to Prevent Your Hair from Falling Flat

No matter how beautiful your makeup or attire is, flat droopy hair can kill your entire look. But how to make your locks look lively all through the day by preventing it from falling flat? Don’t worry. We have the right tips for you. Check out the top 8 ways to avert your hair from going limp within hours:

Prevent Your Hair from Falling Flat

1. Be Consistent in Cleansing

It is important to be consistent, when it comes to cleansing your hair. Try to wash and condition it every alternate day so that no build-up is caused. Clean hair is always prettier and bouncier than the dirty one.

2. Condition Prior to Shampooing

As we all know, conditioner is a must for the health of our hair. But applying conditioner after washing the locks can weigh them down, especially if they are super fine by nature. So, just re-evaluate your conditioning routine and do it right before shampooing your hair. It will cleanse the scalp without making the locks flat.

3. Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

Choose an anti-residue shampoo with lesser amounts of chemicals so that it does not cause build-ups and you do not end up making your locks fall flatter. It is even better to use a dry shampoo every alternate day in order to freshen up your hair and add volume to it.

Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

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4. Learn Right Usage of Products

Try to learn the proper applications of commercial hair care product before use. It should be mostly followed for leave-in conditioner, which should always be used on half dried hair rather than the totally wet one. Also, make sure that you approach the ends of your locks starting from the back (excluding the roots).

5. Start Applying Hair Mousse

A typical hair mousse contains resins, which lift our hair roots and layer up the strands lightly, thereby giving it moderate volume. Hence, using it will help you get rid of flat hair immediately. All you need to do is rub a certain amount of the product within your palms and apply it up to the ends of your hair starting from (3/4)th of its length.

6. Flip Over Your Head for blow Drying

Always apply some mousse to your hair before blow drying it and do not forget to flip your head over during the process in order to get some additional volume. Your scalp should be a little damp and the heat should not reach your scalp while blow drying your hair upside down.

Flip Over Your Head for blow Drying

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7. Brush Your Hair Wisely

Using a round brush can induce fullness in your hair and prevent it from falling flat. As it comes with a full circle of bristles, brushing your hair with it during blow drying will give the roots of your hair a considerable lift. Choose a small brush for short hair and a medium-sized one for comparatively longer locks.

8. Give Volumizing Spray a Shot

Yes, some volumizing sprays actually work by lifting the roots of locks and adding significant volume to them. So, choose a reputed product, spritz a decent amount onto your damp hair roots and distribute uniformly by combing it through the ends of your tresses.

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