Top 5 Croydon Facelift Hairstyles You Should Try

‘Croydon Facelift’, also popularly known as ‘Council House Facelift’, is an exclusive hairstyle practiced by lots of famous as well as regular women these days. From super sexy Kate Moss to highly elegant Victoria Beckham, the list of celebs sporting this unique hairstyle gracefully is simply never ending. To know more about it and have a look at some of the most attractive Croydon Facelift hairstyles, go through rest of the post:

Why Is It Named ‘Croydon Facelift’?

In this particular hairstyle, all the hair is pulled at the back of the head and tied into a simple bun or sleek ponytail very firmly. Basically, women coming from the lower class of the society opt for this hairstyle. Hence, the term ‘Croydon’ is used for it in order to give it a derogatory meaning. On the other hand, it is believed that pulling the hair back in such a manner can also pull up the delicate skin of the face, thereby giving it an effect of ‘Facelift’. That is why; this hairdo is called ‘Croydon Facelift’.

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5 Best Croydon Facelift Hairstyles to Try

We have sorted out 5 best Croydon Facelift hairstyles sported by different celebrities. Check out them below:

1. Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Kate Moss

If you want to give this chic hairstyle a try, Kate Moss can be the most excellent inspiration for you. This supermodel is quite famous for her smart and greasy Croydon bun. She has always been the talk of the media for her love for this exceptional hairdo.

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Kate Moss

2. Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Nicole Kidman

This blonde beauty just loves to style up her hair in long sleek Croydon ponytail. It suits her wide forehead and high cheekbones a lot. Girls with heart-shaped faces can go for this hairstyle without any hesitation. Simple and fashionable, isn’t it?

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Nicole Kidman

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3. Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Katy Perry

Looking for a fun and funky hairstyle? Try this awe-inspiring Croydon ponytail sported by American superstar Katy Perry. If you have long straight hair, you will look awesome in this tight pony. The dazzling shades have enhanced her look even more.

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Katy Perry

4. Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Rosie Huffington

Here is another stunning Croydon facelift hairstyle that you should give a try. The English actress Rosie Huffington has tied her golden locks in an amazing Croydon bun. It is perfect for a high-class party or any other similar event.

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Rosie Huffington

5. Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Gwen Stefani

If you want to stand apart from others through your hairstyle, this Croydon bun worn by Gwen Stefani will be the best choice for you. Make sure that you have chosen the appropriate makeup with this hairdo. Otherwise, you will end up spoiling your look completely.

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle by Gwen Stefani

These 5 Croydon Facelift Hairstyles are surely to amp up your fashion quotient as well as sex appeal a hundred times. All you need to do is to pick up a suitable outfit and accessorize yourself accordingly. So, just try out your favorite hairdo and get into the style.

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