Top 10 Ways to Cool your Home this Summer

After a bout of winter, your home suddenly hots up when the summer begins. When the weather outside is hot, it automatically gets really hot inside too, so much that it can make it very difficult for you to sit down with a book or a cup of tea without perspiring. If you are thinking that this is how you would need to suffer as long as the summer lasts, we tell you that it is not so. There are some simple things you could do at home in order to bring the temperature inside the home down and keep it cool. So read on to find out the top 10 ways to cool your home this summer.

1. Window – Open or closed?

This is a topic that is debated a lot when it comes to summer. The way it works is actually simple. Before the sun is out in its full force, say before 11 am, it is ideal to keep the windows open. So open up the windows soon as you are up in the morning and keep it open till 10 or 11 am to get the cool air into the house. After that, shut the windows and you will have the cool air circulating inside the house. Before you know it, it is 4 pm and about time to open the windows again! This way, you can take advantage of the cooler air from outside circulating into the house and bringing the temperature down.

2. Put sunblockers 


Use white curtains or blinds in the summer which will reflect heat. Close them during the time that you close your windows in order to reduce the amount of heat that passes into your home. And during the time that you keep the window open, hang a wet sheet or towel against your window and you will have much cooler breeze coming into your home.

3. Table fan cooler

If you have a table fan, then place a shallow bowl of ice and water in front of it and see how it blows cool air. The ice melts, evaporates and brings the temperature inside the home down.

4. Turn on the vent fan in the Bathroom 

The sticky moisture in the bathroom can cause a lot of humidity and heat in the house. Be sure to turn on the vent fan or the exhaust fan in the bathroom after your bath.

5. Change the bulbs 

Compact Florescent Lighting

If you have not moved to Compact Florescent Lighting or CFL’s yet, now is the time to do so. They consume lesser energy and dissipate about 70% less heat compared to incandescent lamps.

6. Wash only full load, preferably in the evenings

Use your washing machines and dishwashers in the evening and on full load since they generate a lot of heat. This way, you will cut down the number of times you run it and doing the load in the evening will make the heat generated bearable. Opt for air drying instead of machine drying to further reduce the heat generated.

7. Potted Plants 

Keep some potted plants around the house, near the windows and in corners. They don’t just have an aesthetic appeal, but also help bring down the temperature inside the house.

8. Ceiling Color

white roof summer cool

If possible, paint your ceiling and the roof of your house in white color since this helps in reflecting heat and in keeping your house cooler, despite the heat outside.

9. Electronic Devices 

Plug out electronic devices that are not being used. Also, do not keep any electronic devices near the air conditioner since you don’t want the heat generated from the devices to overload the air conditioning system.

10. Freeze the sheets 


Yes, this works. Put your pillow case and sheets in a plastic bag and freeze them for a couple of hours. Take them out and spread them over your bed just before turning in and you will be cool at least till you fall asleep. You can also keep a chilled rice bag next to you, under the sheets, to keep you cool while sleeping in the night. Read how to make rice bags here. If you cannot bear the heat of the foam mattress, then you can switch to sleeping on straw or bamboo mats spread on the floor.

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