Top 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

The summer is here and if you are dreading to go out fearing the heat and the effect it will have on your skin, hair and health, then you have come to the right place. While we cannot do anything to reduce the heat outside, there are ways in which you can keep your body cool and yourself protected from the heat. Here are some tips to beat the summer heat and cool off this summer- be it at home or when you are out.

10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat 

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

beat the summer heat water

This one is a no-brainer. One needs to drink a lot of water in the summer to make up for the water lost in the form of sweat. When you remain hydrated, you will not feel the effect of heat much.  Not just water, keep sipping on nourishing drinks like juices and tender coconut water that will help you get back the minerals and salts that you have lost.

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2. Wear Loose Fitting Cotton Clothes

Remember to always wear breathable fabrics like cotton in the summer. They promote air circulation and keep the body cool. Stick to light colored clothing that will reflect heat and keep you cool. If you wear very tight clothes, then it causes unnecessary perspiration.

3. Do not skimp on the sunscreen 

Sunscreen Lotion

Whenever you step out, make sure to use sunscreen on all the exposed areas of the body – do not just apply sunscreen only on the face. If you are using a sunscreen with a lower SPF, reapply after 3-4 hours if you are going to remain outdoors.

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4. Be outdoor ready always 

Whenever you are going out, make sure that your handbag has your sunglasses, an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat and a small hand held fan which you can use to fan and cool yourself.

5. Bathe twice a day, shampoo often

With high temperatures and humidity in the air, bacteria starts thriving in the sweaty parts of your body. It is best to bathe twice a day during summer to keep bacterial infections and odors at bay. Since your hair also accumulates a lot of grime and becomes flat due to humidity, shampoo it often with a mild cleanser.

6. Keep your makeup minimal

Do not go over the top with make up on summer days since you don’t want the heat and humidity to make it look cakey ot patchy. Stick to light make up that adds a hint of freshness to your face. Try liquid or gel based make up.

7. Change your regimen and products

If you used heavy creams and lotions during winter, then it does not make sense to continue the same in summer. You need lighter products – gel based face products, aloe and cucumber based lotions that don’t weigh your skin down, since all you need is some hydration and not intensive moisture during the summer. Change your cleanser from a cream-based one to a gel cleanser that will control the shine on the face.

8. OD on talcum and pressed powders 

Woman applying talc powder

Powders are your friends this summer. Talcum powder used on your underarms, your back and between your toes will keep them smelling fresh and keep away sweat. Pressed powders will help control the shine on your face and keep it looking bright through the day. So always carry a small container of talcum powder, preferably in a fresh fragrance like citrus or mint and a pressed powder with SPF in your handbag.

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9. Watch what you eat

Eat a lot of salads and fruits during the season. Try adding watermelons, cucumbers, juicy tomatoes and grapes in your daily diet. These water rich foods help rehydrate you and also restore the mineral balance in the body. Not just that, these foods cool the body too. Stay away from oily foods during the summer. However, we do not tell you to skimp on the spice cause there are studies which show that spicy foods cause you to sweat more which cools the body better.

10. Always keep a cool spritz handy 

summer hydrating face spray

Make a mixture of a cup of water a tsp of aloe vera gel and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Add this to a spritz bottle and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you feel sweaty and hot, just take it out and spray it all over your face and body. It will instantly cool you down.

So you see, a few tricks like these can help you remain cool. So without worrying anymore, plan your next summer trip where you beat the summer heat and have lots of fun.

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