Top 10 Most Eye-Catching Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Layered straight, wave with bangs, soft curls – you are completely bored of all these regular haircuts, right? Let us discuss about something very much different today. ‘Asymmetrical hairstyle’ – does it sound enough exciting to you? If not then here are 10 best such hairdos that can tickle your fashion sense almost instantly:

1. Straight and Silky

Asymmetry in long straight silky hair flowing up to the back gives an amazingly beautiful look. However, it suits women with shoulder-length locks the best. Just have a glimpse at the lady in the following image. Her ‘flowing silk’ hair cut is truly complementing her personality. Simple yet compelling. Isn’t it?

Straight and Silky

2. Lop-Sided Waves

Do you think that asymmetry does not go well with wavy hair? Well, this hairstyle of American singer and performer Kellie Pickler will prove you absolutely wrong. Even though you can’t enjoy those striking lines and razor-sharp angles through your waves, you will definitely get a cute and refreshing look.

Lop-Sided Waves

3. Stylish Waterfall

Wait! We are not talking about asymmetrical waves cascading your shoulders. Rather, it’s an awesome example of a contrasting hairstyle in which one side of the head gets a short boy cut and the other side features soft supple waves. Distinctively feminine, right?

Stylish Waterfall

4. Flirty Shag

Yes, it is a ‘shag’ haircut. Do I need to say more? Whether it is a perfect symmetrical cut or an asymmetrical style, shag is always in fashion. So, if you love to sport funky hairdos, go for this cool cut. It would define your attitude in a classier manner.

Flirty Shag

5. Irregular Pixie

Having an oval face? This irregular pixie will be the perfect cut to enhance your facial beauty. Just take a look at those curved locks embracing the left side of the forehead. They not only harmonizes the beautiful eyelashes of the girl but also creates a mesmerizing look.

Irregular Pixie

6. Uneven Side-Swept

Side-swept is always a great solution for women with limp and fine hair. When you sweep all your hair to a certain side of the head, it automatically gives an illusion of voluminous hair. Moreover, when you go for an asymmetrical cut, your hair strands look even thicker.

Uneven Side-Swept

7. Short Veils

Asymmetry can create a dramatic effect when applied on the hair tactfully. For example, the trendy asymmetrical bangs lying on the face of the girl in the following image is covering a major portion of her face. It is actually giving a ‘veiling’ effect and increasing her beauty a lot.

Short Veils

8. Bob with Asymmetry

While talking about best asymmetrical haircuts for women, we simply can’t ignore the smart elegant bob with perfect slants and angles. It is neat yet highly fashionable. You can give your asymmetrical bob a boost by picking a cool shade for your locks.

Bob with Asymmetry

9. Geometrical Cut

You can also choose geometrical shapes as per your wish and cut your hair accordingly. This asymmetric hairstyle is mostly suitable for girls with long and straight tresses. Defined lines and clear-cut angles are specialties of this hairdo.

Geometrical Cut

10. Crazy Bangs

Finally, here is the crazy hairstyle for you with colorful bangs and asymmetrical shape. This would be absolutely perfect for you if you are looking for a funkier look.

Crazy Bangs

So girls, are you feeling excited to give your hair an asymmetric treat?

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