Top 10 Cancer Preventing Super Foods

Recent studies have revealed that women are at a high risk of been posed to the threat of breast cancer. Studies reveal that foods that are estrogen-free protect women from developing the symptoms of breast cancer. Thus right choices of foods are needed to be made which may include natural forms of particular types of seeds, veggies, mushrooms etc.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Women can successfully combat breast cancer by consuming powerful foods that efficiently and effectively fight every threat of a developing its symptoms.

1. Cruciferous vegetables – Women may inculcate a habit of consuming broccoli on a larger scale thus ensuring sufficient intake of sulforaphane (an essential compound found in broccoli). Studies reveal that sulforaphane ceases the deadly cells from cultivating and further promotes them towards self-destruction. Broccoli also offers other compound indole3 carbinol that successfully slows down estrogens’ thus hampering any possibility of cultivating breast cancer.

2. Folate rich foods –Women may combine their diet with several leafy vegetables, beans etc in order to offer themselves the rich supply of folate. Such foods are also richly stored with fiber which ensures low levels of estrogen in the human body. And since estrogen is the key culprit in developing breast cancer keeping it on the lower side in turn will ensure less threat.

3. Healthy whole grains – Fiber is essential in preventing breast cancer, which is found in abundance in whole grains. Fiber is observed to work as traps for the estrogen and nullifies any possibility of it getting reabsorbed in one’s blood stream, thus reduces the count of estrogen in the human body and further reduces the possibility of breast cancer. Further such foods are also observed to combat the blood sugar levels considerably, thus keeping insulin levels in check. Higher levels of insulin are found to encourage breast cancer development.

4. Intake of Garlic – Allium is one of the compounds that is known to combat the breast cancer risks, and is found in abundance in garlic. Studies narrate that other foods like chives, onions, scallions, leeks etc prevent the development of tumours and thus control and curbs the breast cancer threat. Consuming garlic or the other mentioned foods may not be difficult to make way in your daily diet.

5. Fish – Salmon offers our body essential vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin D, similarly it offers omega 3s in ample quantity. Several such nutrients provided by salmon efficiently control the cell growth in our body and thus control breast cancer. Thus prepare a mouth watering recipe of salmon, and make it a constant part of your diet.

6. Pearly Pomegranate –This fruit is been relished by several. However it will be a relief to understand its scientific gains as well. The polyphenol an anti oxidant is present in pomegranate, is very resourceful in avoiding breast cancer.

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7. Turmeric a tough fighter- Facts state the curcumin an active element in turmeric can effectively curbs the growth of breast cancer cells.

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8. Rich fiber found in beans – Beans are another rich source of fiber that has a high potential to effectively combat breast cancer risk.

9. Colour matters – Fruits and vegetables that are orange or red in colour are high in the percentage of carotenoids. The element carotenoids can strongly control risk of breast cancer.

10. Dairy diet – The duo of calcium and vitamin D that are found in several dairy products can effectively keep the risk of breast cancer at bay.

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