Top 10 Bob Hairstyles to Beautify Round Faces

Do you love bob hairstyles? Is the round shape of your face coming in your way to sport beautiful bobs? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Check out our top 10 picks for women with round face shape. Here we go:

1. Chin-Length Bob with Fringes

Keeping the length of the bob up to the chin is always a super idea for round-faced women. It gives an illusion of a bit longer face. If you want to emphasize your eyes, those short fringes right on your forehead will give you just perfect look.

Chin-Length Bob with Fringes

2. Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Whatever the length of your bob is, a side-swept bang can always boost its beauty a hundred times. Those who are looking for a cute soft bob hairstyle should definitely go for this dramatic sweep. It would not only reduce the roundness of your face but also give you a versatile look.

Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

3. Shiny Bob with Side Bangs

Well, this hairstyle is nothing special from a classic bob when the side bang is removed. But once you equip it with a bright shade and soft side bangs, you look completely different! Just give it a try and you’ll realize why this bob hairstyle is ideal for a round face.

Shiny Bob with Side Bangs

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4. Bob with Face-Framing Fringes

Adorn your neat bob with lots of fringes in order to hide the roundness of your face. The biggest benefit of this hairstyle is that the fringes frame the entire face nicely. As a result, your eyes get highlighted instead of your face shape.

Bob with Face-Framing Fringes

5. Asymmetrical Bob

So you want to do something trendy with your bob? Add asymmetry to it! This particular hairstyle has a longer side, which helps the face look a little elongated. Moreover, you can enjoy one of the coolest haircuts of this time.

Asymmetrical Bob

6. Shoulder-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

While chin-length bob is great for a soft and cute look, you should increase the length of your bob up to your shoulders in order to get a chic and sophisticated appearance. But the angles to kill the plumpness? Sweep the bangs just across your face and you are done!

Shoulder-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

7. Simple Bob with Sweeping Layers

This hairstyle is an ultimate choice for girls who want to make the most of their casual bobs. The broad layers around the hair make the cut even more striking. Also, pick a sizzling color for your locks and accentuate the angles of your cut strongly.

 Simple Bob with Sweeping Layers

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8. Long Bob with Least Layers

Straight hair always looks good on round-faced beauties. Therefore, why don’t go for a long sleek bob? This hairstyle comes with minimal layers, which is best for thick voluminous hair. Additionally, you can sport a number of hairdos as and when required with this exclusive bob.

Long Bob with Least Layers

9. Stacked Bob with Highlights

Thin hair? Round face? Stacked bob hairstyle with highlights can be the savior for you. It features lots of volume right on the crown region of your head so that your face does not look perfectly round any more.

Stacked Bob with Highlights

10. Short Bob with Highlighted Fringes

Last but not the least; you can go for a short bob teamed up with highlighted fringes to enhance the beauty of your round shape. It would add soft angles to your face and make you stand apart from others.

Stacked Bob with Highlights

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