Tips on Dying your Hair at Home

When a grey hair pops out, you look for all the possible resorts that could bring the luster of your hair back.  The best way to hide grey hairs is to dye them.  But hair dying is a repeated process which asks you to make trips to beauty parlor again and again. It turns to be a costly deal. How about cutting the cost of it by coloring your hair on your own? Here are a few tips which can help you in giving your ravishing makeover –

Simpler is better – the most basic tip of coloring your hair on your own is keeping it simple. If your intention is to hide greyer tresses, you can opt for a shade lighter or a shad darker than your original hair color. But if you want to completely change your hair color or want to make it look extraordinary, it is always better to seek a professional’s advice.

Note – How to know which hair shade is perfect for you? There are multitudes of websites where you can log in fill questionnaire to know better about your hair shade and its texture.

Carefully read the instructions – This is a gentle reminder! Every hair color brand comes with its own table of instruction. And to get the best results, you must consider reading all the instructions and dying hair accordingly.

Tips on Dying your Hair at Home

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Divide your hair in sections – Unless you have not opted for streaking or hair highlighters, it looks really odd to see some hair strands colored in bright hues while some left faded. When you color your hair on your own, possibility of imperfections looms largely. To avoid such problems, you should divide your hair in smaller sections and prefer coloring your hair likewise.

Ask your friend to help you – It is true that coloring your hair on your own wonderfully reduces your beauty parlor’s bill but you must avoid doing it totally on your own. You can take a friend’s help to perfectly color your tresses.

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Do not die all your hair every time – For the first time you color all your hair and after every six weeks it requires a retouch. But take care, dying your complete hair frequently may cause severe damage to your hair. To avoid such scenarios, you should apply hair color only on roots. To avoid difference in shade, you can comb your hair a few minutes before processing time ends.

Do not forget to use conditioner – Almost every hair color kit comes with a conditioner. Proper conditioning of hair saves your hair from post coloring dryness.

Tips on Dying your Hair at Home

When you die your hair on your own, you spend only a fraction of money what you used to spend in beauty clinics for the same purpose. But, most of us avoid doing it at home, as they feel it is a professional’s job. With these tips in hand, you can also dye your hair in a professional way.

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