How To Find The Right Scent To Smell Intoxicating?

Smelling intoxicating is not at all an easy game! Quite naturally, a whiff of the same fragrance will not work for 24/7. However, the process of finding your ‘signature scent‘ is not only long and tedious but also downright intimidating. Though there will be tons of bottles on display at the beauty counter, spritzing on each of them will give you a headache instead of showing you the way. On the other hand, you simply cannot end your hunt unless you feel completely satisfied about ‘meeting your match’. Here comes the importance of expert tips and tricks. Let’s help you find the right scent with 7 simple steps recommended by experts.

Tips To Find The Right Scent For You

Steps To Find The Right Scent

1. Figure Out Your ‘Taste’

To find the signature scent, you must first know about your likes and dislikes. The best way to do this is to make a list of all the fragrances that you like and also the ones that you don’t. Mention exactly what attract or distract you next to each scent. According to experts, 80% of our ‘sense of taste’ is driven by our ‘sense of smell’, which means that your favorite food or flavors will play a crucial role in deciding on your choice of scent too. So, once you become able to figure out your ‘test’, it becomes easy to see the connection and you get a solid starting point.

[N.B.: Seasons and memories also influence our fragrance preferences. It is even better to take them into consideration along with food.]

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2. Express Your Personality

Your signature scent can showcase your personality and style the greatest way possible. Hence, express yourself with your choice of fragrance. If you are a ‘little-to-no-makeup-person’, who is totally in love with outdoors, choose a fresh and clean scent over something spicy or musky. For a shy and introvert woman, a strong and sexy fragrance that can announce her presence in a speechless manner is absolutely perfect. An outgoing lady, who loves getting dressed up, can pick a soft and subtle scent that lingers on to balance her personality nicely. The basic idea is to choose a fragrance that will match your outlook on life and represent who you are as a person the best.

Tips To Find The Right Scent For You

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3. Test It Before Buying

Yes, testing is mandatory before paying a bomb! After all, how much could be understood from the scent strips that come with magazines or the perfume testers available at stores? Also, perfumes smell way different after wearing for sometime. So, ask for a sample and try the new soothing fragrance for a few days before you actually purchase it. You can simply wear it on your inner wrist and leave it on for the whole day to see how the fragrance changes gradually over time. However, do not try more than three different samples at a time to find out the best one for yourself.

Tip: The nose remains fresh in the morning right after waking up. Hence, it is the best time to try any fragrance and make a decision. You can also re-set your nose by spending some time in a neutral environment. 

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4. Hit The Perfect Note

Perfumes often contain layers of scents, which are called ‘notes’. There are basically three types of note:

  • Top Note: This is the kind of scent that you smell immediately after applying the product. It will hit your nose first and evaporate quickly.
  • Middle Note: The middle note or ‘heart note’ is the kind of fragrance that emerges as soon as the top note evaporates and thereafter, makes up the rest majority of the scent.
  • Base Note: The base note is a richer fragrance, which cannot be even detected until you wear the product for at least half an hour. This provides us with more depth and thus, backs up the middle note by overriding it beautifully.

Hence, instead of noticing a certain type of scent, you actually need to pick up on several notes that become more apparent over time. A ‘blend’ is always more complex and keeps changing throughout the day. So, whatever you smell at the beauty counter will change by the time you reach somewhere else. Also, as the notes take time to reveal, it is important that you apply the scent directly to your skin to find the most suitable fragrance. Based on the types of skin, the same scent can turn out to have different chemistries.

5. Concentration Is Key

Concentration of a scent plays a crucial role in helping you find the right one. Typically, no two perfumes are similar in terms of concentration. While the ‘eau de parfum’ composition is highly concentrated, the ‘eau de toilette’ is much lighter and fresher. This explains why you are able to hold onto the first one more than the latter one. If you want to know how strong your fragrance actually smells, just go through its fine print on the bottle.

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6. Consider Suggestions

We often come across beautiful fragrances used by other known people and start using those, right? This is why it is sometimes beneficial for us to ask friends and family for their opinions and advices. Questions like ‘is it too strong?’, ‘does it linger?’, ‘what flavor is it?’, etc. are sometimes helpful in the long run. Ultimately, the choice is yours as fragrance is always a subjective experience. However, the whole process of getting there is equally important.

7. Notch The Game Up

Finally, not always but occasionally switch up and take your fragrance game to the next level. You must find the right scent for yourself but also give it a rest from time to time. As the weather has a deep impact on fragrances and our body chemistry keeps changing too, changing up the perfume throughout the seasons turns out to be an amazing idea.

Choosing your signature scent has never been so easy, isn’t it? Now, just go out and shop for the fragrance you have been looking for long without any hassle.

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