Tips To Find The Right Scent For You

The long, tedious hunt for the perfect perfume that you love ends right here. If you have long awaited to be in possession of your signature scent but haven’t yet found it, don’t worry, we can understand what you’ve been going through and trust us, you’re not alone. Hence to find that one sensory overload experience that will leave you dazzled, leave it to us. Follow these few tips to find out on your personalised fragrance:

Tips To Find The Right Scent For You

1. Knowing yourself

To find your signature scent one must first know what your likes and dislikes are. The best way to do this would be to make a list of all the fragrances that you have ever liked and all the ones that you don’t. Next to each scent, write down what you like or don’t about it. This gives you a solid starting point and you can now safely say that you are on the right path.

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2. Personality

If you are the kind of person to wear little or no makeup at all and totally love the outdoors, choose a fresh, clean scent and not something spicy or musky. If you love getting dressed up and are outgoing and glamorous, pick a scent that lingers and matches your outlook on life. The basic idea is to choose a fragrance that will best represent who you are as a person.

Tips To Find The Right Scent For You

3.Test before buying

After all, how much can you tell from the scent strips in magazines or any perfume tester at a store? Also perfume smells way different after you’ve worn it for sometime so before paying a bomb, you might as well as smell it first. Therefore, ask for a sample and try your new, soothing fragrance for a few days before you actually purchase it.

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4. Fragrance notes.

Perfumes often contain layers of scents to them. These layers are called notes, and instead of noticing only the types of scent, you’ll pick up on several notes that become more apparent over time. So whatever you smell at the beauty counter will change by the time you reach somewhere else.

Top notes:

This is the kind of scent that you smell immediately upon applying it. It’s the scent that will first hit your nose and evaporate quickly.

Middle notes:

The middle notes is the kind of fragrance that emerges as soon as the top notes are evaporating and then make up the rest majority of the scent.

Base notes:

Base notes are a lot more richer and they are not even detected until you’ve been wearing a scent for maybe half an hour. This provides us with more depth and they back up the middle notes thus also creating the beautiful overriding theme of the scent.

5. Suggestions

So many of us have come across fragrances that have been used by some other people that we have known and then started using it since we liked it at that point, yes? This is why it is sometimes beneficial for us to ask friends and family for their opinions and advices. Questions like ‘Is it too strong?’ ‘Does it linger?’ ‘What flavour?’ Are sometimes helpful in the long run. Ultimately, the choice stays yours, but the whole process of getting there is equally important.

Thus, we have covered how you could come to choose your fragrance and hope the tips have helped you. You can now go out there, and shop for the fragrance you have been looking for and you shall even find it.

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