Tips To Exfoliate An Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin is a nightmare for all of us. No matter how beautiful you are, acne marks can spoil the whole look of the face.

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The common belief with girls who are facing the acne issue is that you should not exfoliate your skin but the fact is that no matter what keeping the skin clean is very important and for that exfoliation is required. The acne prone skin is sensitive therefore scrubbing such a skin can be done but with a little caution. The key here is using the right products and the right technique.

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Talking about our main concern-the exfoliation, exfoliating the skin is basically a procedure where in the dead skin cells are removed. Exfoliating sensitive skin can be very tricky, you cannot irritate the acne as that will worsen them on the other hand it is very important to remove the dead skin away too. Here is a guide on how to exfoliate the acne prone skin:

Get a gentle cleanser: Go for a gentle cleanser for cleansing the skin. The cleansing step is very crucial when it comes to skin care as it helps in eliminating the oil that would be accumulated on the surface of the skin which will lead to the occurrence of acne. Choose a cleanser that strips of the oil completely from the skin but does not remove the moisture off the skin. The cleanser should not contain any harsh chemicals or perfumes; there are plenty of cleansers available in the market particularly for sensitive skin. Always test your cleanser on your body to check for any kind of irritation.

Warm water wash: Take some warm water and dip a clean towel in it and place it on the face for a few minutes. This procedure will help in opening up the facial pores and gets it ready for exfoliation.

Exfoliate: Take a small amount of scrub on cotton or your hand and dab it on the skin and rub it gently in circular motion. Begin from the nose and spread out the cleansing to the rest of the face. Be gentle and do so for some time.

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Pat dry: Take a clean towel and pat dry the face. Make sure you just gently dab your face with the towel.

Moisturize: Once the scrubbing is done, moisturize the skin immediately with a moisturizer meant particularly for sensitive skin. Certain sensitive skin might develop redness post scrubbing, in such cases the scrubbing can be done at night so that the skin gets enough time to calm down.

Scrub as per your skin type to clear acne:

Normal skin: If you have a normal skin then you can exfoliate your skin once in 2 days. Purchase a fruit based scrub for normal skin. It will make the skin look brighter.

Oily skin: If you have an oily skin then the acne issue would be the highest. You might be having issues like large pores too therefore look for ingredients like salicylic acid in your scrub, it will aid in unclogging the pores. Exfoliate your skin three times per week for best results.

Dry Skin: Dry skin beauties should go for nourishing scrubs to provide the moisture that is lacking in your skin. The scrub should contain natural oils like olive or almond that helps in nourishing the skin and makes it soft and smooth. Scrub your skin twice a week to control the dryness.

Combination skin: Combination skin should be treated to scrubs with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerine. This will help in locking the moisture into the skin and will avoid making oily areas feel greasy. Use the scrub twice a week and make it a point to concentrate on the oily areas while scrubbing.

In case you get sudden breakouts, you can try cold compression on the area. This will help in calming down the redness as well as swelling.

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