How to Tighten and Tone Your Body? – 10 Tips for You

Are you planning for a complete makeover? What about starting right from your body? Yes, just have a look at this saggy skin and that flabby stomach and you will realize why need to tighten and tone up your body first. Here are 10 tips that will help in your way a lot:

Tighten and Tone Your Body

1. Develop a Healthy Food Habit

A habit of consuming healthy, well-balanced food is the first and foremost thing you will need in achieving a tight and toned body. Stay fit and bloat-free by staying away from oily and processed foods. You should give alcohol a miss too for this purpose.

2. Don’t Be a ‘Couch Potato’

We know that you need to sit in front of the computer at your workstation all through the day. But don’t let your job make you a couch potato. Move your body whenever possible. Going for a morning walk, using stairs in place of lift, walking small distances instead of taking a car, etc. will shape up your thighs and butt perfectly.

3. Never Miss Your Work Out

If you really want to attain your goal, you have to work out religiously. Experts recommend that you exercise 6 days a week and grant yourself a 1-day rest. From jogging to cycling to sit ups to push ups – there are lots of ways to tighten up your body and make it properly toned.

4. Start Lifting Weights

Weight lifting is essential to restore the natural elasticity of our body. Start with 5 lbs or so and increase it bit by bit. Practicing weight lifting 2 to 3 times a week can cut down the flab in your body and give you a toned look by increasing the muscle mass.

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5. Practice Stomach Crunches

When it comes to getting a lean and toned body, stomach crunches can turn out to be extremely helpful. As these exercises target the abdominal muscles directly and help make loose skin tighter, you can expect much faster results than anything else.

Stomach Crunches

6. Go for Cold Shower

Take cold shower to constrict the blood vessels and boost the circulation of blood throughout your body. It has been seen that the increased flow of blood eventually speeds up the process of fat burning within our body. Hence, we can get in shape more effectively.

7. Apply Moisturizer Generously

Moisturize your skin every single day in order to avoid skin loosening. Application of this skin care product twice daily helps us keep our skin cells hydrated even after significant weight loss. It means, you can retain the elasticity of your skin simply by moisturizing it every now and then.

8. Use Body Scrub Frequently

Make sure that you exfoliate the whole body with the help of a good body scrub at least 3 to 4 times per week. It will remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells and promote the reproduction of fresh new cells. Therefore, you will get a smooth and supple skin along with a toned look.

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9. Make Use of Preparation-H

Preparation-H creams contain high amount of lanolin, which is known to play an important role in tightening up our skin. Just find a good cream from your nearby store and massage your skin with it regularly at night.

10. Be ‘Slow and Steady’

Always follow a ‘go-slow’ approach as getting a tight and toned body is not an overnight affair. If you overdo anything, be it diet or exercise, you will end up spoiling all your efforts completely.

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