Things You Should Know About Famous Curtain Hairstyles

Curtained hair, also called undercut hair, was extremely popular among men and women in America and Europe from the twentieth century to the early twenty first century. Though the hairstyle went through a lot of changes since its inception, the basic ‘curtain’ remained always the same. So, let us talk about curtain hairstyles, its origin and how you can wear an attractive curtain braid.

curtain hairstyles

What is Curtain Hairstyle?

A curtain hairstyle refers to a certain cut in which the hair at the front section of the head (lining the forehead) is converted into a long fringe and split into two segments by creating a center or a side part. In a classic curtain hairstyle, the hair at the backside of the head is kept short and both sides are shaved properly. Usually, curtained hair was considered as a style statement for men. But gradually, women also got inclined to this smart hairdo.

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Origin of Curtained Hair

The practice of curtain hairstyles was started in the Edwardian period as a realistic substitute of the long locks as well as sideburns. At that time, it was a short hair cut with a center part and lots of pomade was used for maintaining a neat and tidy look. This hairstyle was mainly convenient for sports persons and could not strengthen its position as a mainstream hairstyle at first.

However, the style of sporting curtained hair slowly gained extreme popularity among working men. From Wehrmacht officers to red carpet celebrities, the list of people opted for different types of curtained hairstyles at different times is never ending.

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How to Create a Curtain Braid

As said previously, the curtained hair has also become quite popular among females. They have included the ‘curtain’ feature in several other hairstyles and modified those accordingly. Here are the steps for creating a beautiful curtain braid:

curtain hairstyles

Brush your hair down thoroughly. Your aim should be making it tangle-free. Once you are done with it, use a flat iron and apply a good quality serum to get silky straight locks. Application of a hair serum would give your hair a long-lasting hold.

Create a part right over your left eyebrow. Take a bunch of hair from the left segment of hair and start making a French braid. Make sure that your braid go alongside your hairline and reach the flipside of your left ear. Make a regular braid with rest of the hair present in that segment. Secure it with a hair tie.

Now, take a thicker bunch of hair from the right segment and comb it smoothly across the temple area. Sweep it over your forehead and tuck at the back of the right ear.

After that, grab the braid and drape it freely around the backside of your head. You should do this in such a manner that a loop is created beneath the loosely left hair. Make use of bobby pins to keep the braid at its place.

Finally, spritz a hair spray for giving your hair a weightless effect.

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