7 Health Reasons to Use Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba oil is extremely popular in Latin America. The oil is extracted from the Copaiba tree, the resin of which is then used to make this essential oil. The oil is said to have several therapeutic benefits including treatment of skin problems such as dermatitis, boils, rashes, herpes and nail fungus among other conditions. It is often used for the treatment of dry skin and dandruff.

Copaiba Oil

Though there is no evidence from any human studies, animal studies do suggest that the plant has anti inflammatory properties and that it can help in reducing scars. The oil has antimicrobial properties, and can soothe skin to make it softer. Owing to these properties, the oil is used in manufacture of skin creams, lotions, soaps and ointments.

Traditionally, copaiba oil has also been consumed for its expectorant properties. In case of cold, cough or congestion, using diluted copaiba oil can help. Some people also use it for treating respiratory infections and lung problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Though there are no known interactions of copaiba oil, its internal use is strictly advised against. Unless prescribed by a doctor, it is advisable not to use the oil for self medication.

Some of the most popular benefits of the oil include:

  1. Pain relief: Copaiba oil has analgesic properties and therefore, is an excellent pain reliever. Simply have someone give you a nice rub down with a mixture of copaiba oil and vegetable oil. Do not heat the oil. Just mix it well with the carrier oil and massage it onto the part of the body where you experience pain. Several patients of painful conditions like sciatica have experienced relief after using copaiba oil for their condition.
  2. Cellulite removal: Regular massage and treatment with copaiba oil can help remove cellulite from your skin. Women, who are always wary of the ‘cottage cheese butt syndrome’ can now use the oil regularly to get rid of the unsightly cellulite from their thighs, buttocks and hips. Read more – 10 Superfoods to Naturally Reduce Cellulite
  3. Mole removal: Anecdotal evidence suggests that use of copaiba oil, mixed with carrier oils, can reduce the appearance of moles on the skin. Regular use of the oil can help lighten the moles and reduce its dimensions. You can continue using the oil till the mole has completely disappeared, or choose to use it till the time it becomes small enough to stop being bothersome to you.
  4. Skin firming: Copaiba oil is most popular for its benefits to the skin. You can use this oil on your skin to firm it and make it more supple. Applying it on your face, helps regenerate collagen, the skin tissue that gives elasticity to it. For men and women who want to reverse the appearance of aging on their skin, copaiba oil is absolutely ideal.
  5. Diminishes scars: Using copaiba oil regularly on your skin can help remove blemishes, scars and other marks. You can also use this oil mixture to fade out stretch marks on your body. For women who have just given birth, copaiba oil makes for a great remedy.
  6. Improved bladder control: One of the common complains women have after delivering a baby is the complete lack of bladder control. A lot of women experience urinary urgency because their bladder and pelvic muscles become weak due to the pressure of the uterus during pregnancy. Rubbing the oil mixture on your pelvic area can help strengthen the pelvic muscles, the bladder and the entire pelvic floor. This can be an excellent way to improve your bladder control too.
  7. Anti-inflammation: The scientific community has enough evidence to show that the copaiba oil is an anti inflammatory agent. Whether your inflammation is inside your body or outside it, copaiba oil can effectively help treat it. Inflammatory conditions such as asthma can be effectively treated with the help of this oil. However, doctors do recommend avoiding oral intake of this essential oil. Since the oil can be toxic when consumed orally, it is best to use it only under the prescription of a doctor, in a manner suggested by a medical practitioner.

Copaiba oil is among the most therapeutic of oils. Though it was usually used in traditional remedies, the oil is now also used in several medical and cosmetic preparations.

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