How Does The Tape Worm Diet Work?

Tape worm diet, not only sounds absurd but sounds disgusting too. In this diet, tape worms act like a parasite on the body, using it to consume some amount of the calories that are eaten by the body. Read on to know more about what the diet actually is and how does the tape worm work.

Tape Worm Diet

Theory Origin

In earlier days, knowingly or unknowingly, many humans consumed a variety of worms. Today, many believe that our bodies are yet not habituated to being worm – free and are still enduring for worms. This makes our bodies more sensitive to unfamiliar foreign objects that create an immunity imbalance, resulting in conditions like hay fever, psoriasis, etc. As per these theorists, introduction of the tape worm to the human body would help maintain and build the immune system balance.

Tape Worms and Weight Loss

The theory of using tape worms for weight loss has been prevalent for almost a century. The traditional way of ingesting a tape worm is by eating raw meat that has been in contact with infected tape worm feces. Nowadays, an easier method includes consuming the feces in the form of a tablet.

Tape worms are a parasite that obtains its nutrition from its host body. The little parasites reduce calories as the food that is eaten in by the human body is split between the body and the tape worm. The human body acts like a host and the tape worm sucks the food from the stomach. The tape worm is an extra means of reducing the calories that are absorbed by the body without actually reducing the food intake. Thus, one following the diet would be able to eat almost everything and still lose weight.

Once ingested, the tape worms help you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week until they are inside the body. Once the target weight is achieved, an antibiotic can be taken to expel the parasite from the body.

Cons of the Diet

After being ingested, the body is infected with a foreign living organism that travels through the digestive system and feeds itself. Eventually, it will leave the body with bowel movements. Unfortunately, there have been some cases in which the tape worms have deviated into other body parts through blood vessels. Cases have been reported where tape worms have found their way into the brain, resulting in brain damage, blindness and/or death.

Moreover, tape worms also feast on the nutrition that is consumed by the body resulting in vitamin deficiencies. Simply consumption of tape worms does not allow the body to ignore other healthy habits like exercise and a balanced diet. Apart from weight loss, there are other potential effects of the tape worm diet and these include abdominal pain, headache, bloating, weakness, nausea and constipation.

Is The Diet Worth It?

At the moment, in the USA and most other countries, it is illegal to possess tapeworms as a treatment for weight loss. Moreover, tape worms are not large enough to absorb all the calories eaten by the human body. In addition to this, if the diet is limited, the tape worm, along with calories would also steal nutrients, notably vitamin B12, resulting in a malnutrition body. At the end of it, the most important objective of losing weight is to look better and feel better and you are surely not going to achieve that if there is a shortage of important vitamins and other nutrients in the body. To conclude, the tape worm diet may help you lose weight but it would also help you lose some important nutrition, health and energy.

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