Tame Those Bushy Eyebrows for a Sexier You

Have you noticed each time you get your eyebrows done, your face suddenly glows and looks brighter? Groomed eyebrows tend to have that effect. They add oodles of charm to your overall appearance, they define your facial features better and they instantly transform your look.

bushy eyebrow

Bushy, untamed and unruly eyebrows do much more than give your face a manly, unkempt appearance. Are your bushy eyebrows giving people the impression that you are not well groomed? Do your bushy eyebrows make you feel less confident while making that first impression?

We understand that with time and money constraints, you cannot fix an appointment frequently with your grooming professional. So, how do you get those eyebrows to stay put?

Fortunately, we always have solutions to your beauty and grooming problems and we have not just one, but many solutions to tame those bushy eyebrows for a sexier you. Read on and charm everyone in the room with your sexy eyes and sexier eyebrows.

bushy eyebrow

Tame Bushy Eyebrows in 5 Easy Ways

There are 5 simple ways in which you can tame your bushy eyebrows. So, put to test and accordingly incorporate in your beauty regimen whichever way works for you.

1. Tweeze Those Extras Out

The problem with bushy eyebrows is that they grow rapidly and when those excess hairs grow above and below your ideal eyebrow shape, they give your eyebrows a bushy appearance. So, keep a pair of tweezers handy always and pluck away before it gets too messy.

2. Comb & Trim

Thick and bushy eyebrows call for an eyebrow vanity kit. Stock it with an eyebrow brush and a pair of shaping scissors. Whenever you feel your eyebrows are getting out of hand, comb them straight up with a brush and trim the long strands of hair which go above your ideal shape. Then brush your eyebrows downwards and use the shaping scissors to get rid of the long strands of hair which go below your ideal shape.

Keeping an eyebrow brush handy will always help you quickly fix tousled eyebrows anywhere, anytime.

3. Do-It-Yourself Wax Kit

Even the beauty market understands your needs; so you need not feel awkward about your bushy brows. Invest in a Do-It-Yourself wax kit and follow the instructions as explained to give your eyebrows a desired shape.

4. Use Hair Spray

When it’s not a problem of excessive growth, bushy eyebrows often are a result of strands which cannot stay put. You can use an eyebrow brush to comb the strands of hair into place and dab on some hairspray to make sure the strands stay put.

5. Apply Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly to your eyebrows before going to bed every night will give them a smoother texture and keep your eyebrows in place.

So say goodbye to messy eyebrows forever with these 5 easy steps and say, “Hello Sexy!” to those tamed, shapely and attractive eyebrows.

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