How Tamanu Oil Can Benefit Our Hair and Skin?

Tamanu oil is a certain kind of natural oil extracted from the small round nut kernels of the Tamanu tree. Several studies have found that this oil has multiple beauty benefits and hence, using it for our hair and skin is extremely good. Let us dig deeper into the fact:

How Tamanu Oil Can Benefit Our Hair and Skin?

Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Hair

Let us start with listing the benefits that tamanu oil offers to our hair upon regular application:

  • Conditions Deeply: Tamanu oil is an awesome deep conditioner for our hair. Using it twice every week for a hot oil treatment can perfectly condition even super dry hair and give us soft, smooth beautiful locks back.
  • Repairs Damages: No matter whether your hair is severely damaged due to excessive coloring, heat processing and chemical processing, tamanu oil can penetrate the strands and repair the shafts from deep inside in order to make the hair healthy.
  • Vanishes Split Ends: As tamanu oil works wonder for conditioning our hair and repairing its damages, it can help us get rid of split ends too. Apply it to the locks focusing on the ends and you will be left with no split end eventually.

How Tamanu Oil Can Benefit Our Hair and Skin?

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  • Fights Off Hair Loss: This oil is a highly effective remedy for acute hair loss. Massage your scalp with it in a regular manner and the places on your scalp lacking hair will develop new strands gradually.
  • Stimulates Growth: Apart from combating the problem of acute hair fall, tamanu oil is also known to promote the growth of hair to a large extent. Regular use of this miracle oil will give you longer and stronger locks for sure.
  • Adds Volume and Shine: Warm up a little amount of tamanu oil, massage your scalp with it and then, run your oil-covered fingers down to the tips of the locks. It will give a boost to the volume of your hair and add extra shine to it.
  • Reduces Frizzes: Tamanu oil is also a wonderful choice for keeping frizz at bay. All you need to do is take a very little amount of it and apply to your hair, especially on the ends.

Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Skin

Not only hair, but tamanu oil is also considered as a ‘magic oil’, when it comes to taking care of our skin. Here is how it benefits our skin:

  • Fades Scars Away: You can get rid of year-old scars by applying tamanu oil on them regularly. The troubled spots will reduce in size and become invisible within a few months.
  • Hydrates Dry Skin: Being an oil, it can restore the natural moisture of our skin and keep it smooth for a long time. Hence, it can be used for making dry and rough skin smoother.

How Tamanu Oil Can Benefit Our Hair and Skin?

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  • Prevents Pre-Mature Aging: Tamanu oil is a super effective natural anti-aging compound that goes deep into the skin easily, repair as well as revive damaged cells and finally, prevent untimely aging by removing all signs of aging.
  • Drives Off Acne: The antibacterial properties of tamanu oil make it a great treatment for acne by driving acne-causing bacteria away. It is also anti-inflammatory by nature, which reduces all acne-related inflammation and redness efficiently.
  • Heals Sunburns Fast: The same anti-inflammatory properties of tamanu oil also help a lot in healing sunburns and blisters. It can decrease reddishness of the skin, calms down the soreness and finally cures the troubled areas quickly.

So, when are you going to include tamanu oil in your beauty routine?

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