How to Take Care of Your Hair During the Scorching Summer Days

Summer means super dry, super frizzy and super dull hair? Not anymore! If you can take the utmost care of your tresses during those scorching days along with a well-balanced diet and lots of water, you can certainly get a head full of soft, healthy and lustrous hair. Here are the tips to follow:

Take Care of Your Hair During the Scorching Summer Days

1. Start preparing your hair for the summer beforehand. It is always good to get a suitable haircut (short or medium hairstyle is certainly easy to maintain) in order to reduce the extent of damages caused by the sun.

2. If you are not ready to chop off your long locks, simply trim their dead and damaged ends. It is a must for girls with dry, frizzy hair as it brings back the vitality to every single strand, thereby giving the tresses an overall good shape.

3. Both your shampoo and conditioner should be super-hydrating in summer. Look for products that are enriched with soy or corn proteins instead of harsh chemical compounds (paraben, sulfate, etc.).

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4. Always wet your locks prior to diving into the pool or sea. It will add a thin layer of coating on your hair so that the chlorinated water gets diluted and the strands do not end up absorbing too much of it.

5. Do not shampoo your hair each and every day. This will dry out the scalp severely and turn the locks even more rough and breakage-prone.

6. Be careful while brushing your hair, especially if it is wet. Summer is the time when our hair remains the most fragile. So, make use of a good detangler and a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage.

Rinse, Shampoo Your Hair

7. Try not to keep your hair open under the sun. Wear a classy bun, a chic braid or a sexy ponytail to minimize the exposure to the sun as well as look elegant at the same time. But make sure that the rubber band is not too much tight.

8. Avoid heat and all sorts of chemical treatments during the scorching days of summer. Using styling tools will rip the natural moisture off your locks, thereby worsening the situation.

9. Treat your extremely dry and damaged hair with a special homemade mask once every week. Combine mayonnaise, egg white and plain yogurt and apply the mixture all over your hair thoroughly. Wait for half an hour. Then, wash off with lukewarm water.

10. If you want to restore the moisture and luster of your dull and frizzy hair, opt for a homemade deep conditioning mask containing mayonnaise, egg yolk and pure olive oil. Spread it onto your hair focusing on the ends. Rinse off with plain water after 20 minutes or so.

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11. Give your hair proper UV protection. There are tons of exclusively formulated products (with SPF) that can keep our hair protected from the adverse effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When used on the damp hair, these can prevent naturally dark hair from turning red or highlighted hair from looking fried.

12. Finally, cover your hair with a smart cap, a stylish hat or even a colorful scarf to provide ultimate protection to it. Using an umbrella will also do. It will shield your hair from the damaging UV rays effectively, thereby preventing it from getting coarse, brittle and faded.

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