Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss?

It is generally believed that people who sweat a lot tend to go bald faster than the ones who do not. Is there any truth to this? Read on to find out.

hair loss sweating

Excessive Sweating=Hair Loss

Sweat is composed of lactic acid. Lactic acid can cause shrinkage of hair follicles and cause the degeneration of the outer layers of hair.

When the outer layers of the hair are damaged, they tend to become brittle and weak and hairfall becomes more increased. Lactic acid is also known to cause inflammation and itching. The inflammation directly impacts the growth of the hair.

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But that does not mean that you should not sweat at all in order for your hair to be healthy. Sweating is a natural way in which your body cools itself. That’s why you tend to sweat more in summer. As to hairfall, it just means that if you tend to sweat excessively, then you can experience above average hairfall too. Therefore, if you reduce the amount of sweat that is generated in your scalp, then it directly means that you are reducing the amount of hairfall too.

hair loss sweating

Sweat deposits can be harmful too!

Not just excessive sweating, but also the normal sweat if deposited in the hair can cause harm. It can clog your hair follicles and make your hair growth stunted. The build-up in the hair comes in way of good circulation and leaves your hair looking dull and unhealthy.

It can also trigger skin infections if you do not maintain good scalp hygiene.

How can you reduce sweat?

By reducing the amount of sweat in your scalp, you can ensure that you can minimize, and over time reverse the damage that is caused by excessive sweating.

  • Make sure that you are always sitting in a well-ventilated area. Turn on the fan if there is excessive heat. If you are in the kitchen and sweat too much while cooking, take short breaks to get a breather and some cool air.
  • Nervousness and anxiety can also cause sweating. Make sure that you do some breathing exercises and meditation to keep your mind calm.
  • Do not tie up your hair very tightly. This can lead to sweat getting accumulated in your hair.

Keep your scalp clean!

While sweating and the amount of sweating is something that is not really under our control, what we can do is to get rid of the sweat deposits and keep the scalp clean. This will ensure that there is no accumulation of sweat in the hair.

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  • Brush your hair well with a wide toothed comb. Focus on the roots. This will loosen anything that is clogging the hair follicles.
  • If your scalp is excessively oily and you sweat a lot, then use a mild lemon based clarifying shampoo every day. Skip the conditioner. Let your hair dry naturally.
  • If you have dry hair, then it is sufficient to wash it twice a week and follow it up with some conditioner.
  • Massage your roots well with some oil before shampooing. This will increase the blood circulation and also nourish your roots.
  • If there is too much build-up of oil and sweat in your hair, scrub your scalp with some baking soda and water paste before shampooing.

Follow up every heavy duty exercise routine with a quick shower to get rid of the sweat deposits in the hair.

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