Supercharge Your Eyes with 10 Superfoods

Poor Vision? Is your vision affecting your confidence level? Start protecting your eyes with the help of a diet that incorporates foods which help in retaining crisp and clear vision. Here are 10 Super foods that you should include in your diet.

Food for Eyes

1. Oranges – This citrus fruit offers mankind its treasures of vitamin C, which is essential for retaining good eyesight.

2. Leafy Spinach- Spinach is loaded with several vital nutrients that help in improving one’s vision. Firstly, the element of vitamin ‘A ‘, works as a shield for one’s cornea. Next are ‘zeaxanthin’ which transforms one’s vision to be crystal clear and ‘lutein’ that shields our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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3. Wonderful blue berries – One who intends to protect their eye sight should add blue berries to their diet on a regular basis owing to several elements present in it that enhance one’s vision.

4. Let carrots work on your eyesight – A little research will make one acquainted with the several benefits that one can reap by eating carrots. Elements found in carrot like vitamin A and beta carotene help in negating the problem of night blindness as well as enhance the functioning of one’s eyes.

5. A rich source of vitamin ‘A’ – Sweet Potatoes – Apart from enhancing vision or controlling further worsening of one’s eyesight, it is also found useful in avoiding several eye infections. They also retain the watery moisture that is so essential for one’s eyes.

6. An all rounder protector of eyes –Avocado- Individuals suffering from poor vision owing to old age may gain positive results by consuming Avocado on a regular basis. One should either consume Avocado as a fruit or incorporate it in recipes. Avocado is a rich source of almost every vitamin that strongly works in favour of our eyes.

7. Broccoli – People who are suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B2 suffer from symptoms like distorted vision, a sensation of inflammation in their eyes etc. Such individuals can resort to the adequate consumption of Broccoli for Vitamin B2. Similarly other elements that make way in Broccoli are zeaxanthin and lutein which ensure healthy eyes.

8. Yummy Walnuts – A rich source of omega 3 which effectively retains one’s eyesight. Studies have proven that an adequate amount of walnuts consumed on daily basis have fetched benefits for one’s eyesight.

9. Dark Chocolates– By consuming dark chocolates you can improve your ingestion of flavoniods that shield the blood vessels of your eyes and strengthen your eye sight. So do not waste time and have fun with dark chocolates to stay blessed with powerful eyesight.

10. Wine- Drinking one or two glasses of wine especially red wine can improve your eyesight. Red wine contains flavonoids that shield the blood vessels and ease the blood circulation in order to keep your eyes fit and fine.

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