Super Supplement Evening Primrose Oil for PMS

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is the sum total of all the emotional and physical symptoms that accompany your menstrual cycle. The symptoms can be mood-swings, bloating, tenderness of breasts, irritability and fatigue. It normally occurs a week to ten days prior to the onset of the periods and stops soon after your periods begin or end. A large percentage of women go through this roller coaster every month without any relief. Not anymore. Why don’t you try evening primrose oil for PMS?

What is Evening Primrose Oil? How is it helpful?

Evening Primrose Oil

 Evening Primrose is a wild flower from whose seeds the evening primrose oil is extracted. The oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids which are important for a number of important functions in the body. Not just that, it is also rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) which helps in the production of an anti-inflammatory, hormone-like compound called eicosanoid. The gamma linoleic acid thus helps the body fight inflammation and soothes aches, maintains hormonal balance and reduces the effects of PMS.

There are not many natural sources of GLAs and they must be obtained from evening primrose oil or borage seed oil. This is where evening primrose oil supplement comes into picture. If you want to easily get your required dose of GLAs in your diet, then taking evening primrose oil supplements is the key.

How is evening primrose oil sold?

Evening Primrose oil is marketed both as capsules which can be taken as a supplement or in the form of oil which can be ingested. You can take 1000 mg a day,half in the day and half at night, starting two weeks prior to your periods. Since the oil can also be used for treating skin disorders, it can be applied on the skin too.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for PMS

  • Evening Primrose Oil counters the effect of the prostaglandins that cause inflammation. Taking evening primrose oil supplements can help you get relief from body aches that occur before the periods and also the cramps that occur during your periods.
  • It minimizes the tenderness and swelling in the breasts  that you might suffer from.
  • Taking evening primrose oil supplements can curb your sugar and carbohydrate craving before and during your menstrual periods and prevent you from doing any guilty binge eating.
  • While there have been no studies to prove that evening primrose oil will definitely cure PMS, there has been proof that women suffer from PMS if their essential fatty acid profile is skewed. Evening Primrose supplements can help restore balance to your essential fatty acid levels and thus help control PMS.

What are the side effects?

As with all supplements, so long as you don’t overdose on it, the evening primrose oil will only help your body. Otherwise, healthy individuals can use it as a supplement. However, avoid it if you are pregnant or have had a recent surgery.

There is no published evidence that evening primrose oil can prevent PMS. But it is known to alleviate its effects. Moreover, taking the supplement will fortify your health too. So why not try evening primrose oil for PMS relief?

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