Most Suitable Hairstyles to Embrace a Triangular Face

Say ‘looking beautiful’ and the first thing that pop up in our mind is ‘makeup’. But do you know that styling your hair can also contribute a lot to your appearance? Yes, a hairstyle can simply make or break your look, especially when it is done by focusing on the shape of the face. Each girl has a distinct face shape and hence, the hairstyles should also differ accordingly. In this article, I’ll be sharing some hairstyle tips with you that are mostly suitable for girls with triangular face.

What is a Triangle Face?

A triangle face basically resembles an upside down triangle or ‘inverted triangle’. If you have a wide forehead with narrow cheekbones and a narrower jaw line, you are a perfect ‘triangle’ and you need to style your hair in such a way that it makes your forehead look less broad as well as face look less long.

Triangle Face

So, here are the most suitable hairstyles for you:

1. Stylish Half Updo

Half updos are a great solution for a wide temple. It not only reduces the width of the forehead but also gives an illusion of broader cheekbones and jaw line. Consequently, your face does not appear triangular anymore and you look simple yet chic.

Stylish Half Updo

2. Easy Center Part

Triangular faces look really good with center part hairstyle. It can be done and maintained very easily. During center parting, your aim should be styling your locks out as soon as they leave your eyebrows behind. Direct them towards your ears so that your face does not seem to be long.

Easy Center Part

3. Diagonal Side Part

A straight side part might make a triangle face appear even more triangular by widening the temple. Rather start a little off the middle and proceed diagonally to part your hair perfectly. Using a tailcomb will help you a lot in getting a deep side part.

Diagonal Side Part

4. Beautiful Bangs

Hiding a broad forehead becomes chic and effortless when you opt for bangs. Side swoop ones are the best option for this purpose. Try to avoid short bangs that go straight across your temple. Soft long locks will increase your facial beauty a lot.

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Beautiful Bangs

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5. Smart Wavy Bob

Love waves? Your face would love it too! Whether you wear a short bob or choose a long one, keeping it wavy will add extra softness to it. Side bangs with wavy bob will do even more wonder as they will make the texture and layer of the hair extremely flattering.

Smart Wavy Bob

6. Straight with Layers

‘Layers’ is one thing that girls with triangular face shape should consider religiously. If you love sleek straight hair, make sure that you have multiple layers in it. Or, you are going to look even more triangular. It is also recommended that you stay away from super straight locks. The more you have layers around your face, the more you look gorgeous.

Straight with Layers

Are you also a triangle? Were these hairstyle tips helpful for you? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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