Stylish Ways To Drape Your Scarf: Tutorial

It does not go out of everyday style and it is your companion for life, it is the scarf. Scarfs are of so many types of colours, patterns, designs that you’re only left, spoilt for choice. your outfit than you would thought of! If you’re to make a dress out of a scarf, you first have got to have that scarf draped out well, isn’t it? This article is to enlighten you of the in-numerous types of ways there are to drape the scarf that you’re wearing and jazz up your look a little more:

Wrap it up!

1. Wrap it up!

This might just be the easiest and well known ways of draping a small or fairly medium length scarf around your neck. All you need to do is wrap your scarf around you. Now, take the two ends of your scarf and throw it around back and tie a loose knot so you’re good to go. It’s quick and classy, how could anyone not love this?

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Turtle neck

2. Turtle neck

For the turtle neck style, first, keeping one end of your scarf longer than the other, drape one side of it over your shoulder. Next, loop the scarf around your neck a few times in one direction. Then, to keep your scarf in place tie a knot to both sides and another one just to keep it intact. Fit your knot under the loop of the scarf that you made and make sure no excess cloth is showing, and voila! You’re ready, and you look sophisticated and chic!


3. Celebrity-like 

We have all been obsessed or inspired by some celebrity or star in our life that we repeat the things they do without questioning them at all, so it’s but natural that the glamorous stars that we see carrying off those scarfs like they own it are meant to taken inspiration from. For this, it’s pretty easy. Just drape one end of your scarf around your neck. You’ll notice one end is marginally, smaller in visibility than the other for obvious reasons. Now, tie it around for about 3 or 4 times, in such a way that it befits and hangs down underneath your third loop. The end that you didn’t loop goes under the last one and you’re done!

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4. Braids-made!

Braids have always been a part of a woman’s life as a hairstyle but this time around we give you a whole new aspect and outlook on them by telling you that you can actually braid your scarf too, yes it’s true! Don’t worry, it’s extremely doable too. Just fold your scarf in half, keep the folded scarf draped around your neck and keep your non folded end longer than the other one. Make sure to fit the end of the non-folded end to fit right into the folded one and leave a little space. After which twist the folded end over itself and fit the non-folded end into the loop that you made and you’ll find your scarf transformed into the perfect braid, and you didn’t even have to practice! Sshh, don’t tell anyone!

Bohemian Bunny
5. Bohemian Bunny!

This is rather different and unusual, which might further attract your attention, as it goes not around your neck or shoulder, but instead, your hair! Exactly, that messy bun you’ve been sporting all this while could be turned into something sexier! All you need to do is tie a pony high, and turn it into a bun, after which take your scarf and tie a knot around it at the bottom of it. Refrain from using long scarfs as they might weird and out of place. And you have your beautiful scarf up over your head, mesmerizing everyone around you!

These are easy to drape scarf DIY’s, however, there are many more that can further enhance your look and take your outfit from drab to glamorous! Whichever style you use, remember to make sure it goes well with your dress, makeup and accessories.

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