How to Style Up Your Hair in a Beehive

From ‘60s film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn to today’s Canadian beauty Rachel McAdams, ‘beehive’ has always been a style statement for gorgeous celebs. This is one of the most dramatic hairdos that can give women a chic and elegant look. So, what about learning this awesome hairstyle today? Let us follow the step-by-step procedure and become skilled at ‘beehive hairdo’:


Things You’ll Need for Doing a Beehive Hairstyle

Hair brush, tail comb, a few hair curlers, hair clips and bobby pins, thermal setting spray and hairspray.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Doing a Beehive Hairstyle


1. Clean and wash your hair thoroughly. Make use of a towel and dry it completely before starting the process. At the same time, prepare your hair curlers by heating them up.

2. Comb your hair with the hair brush and divide it into three parts like right part, middle part and left part. You have to begin styling right from the middle part.

3. Take out a single lock from the middle part of your hair with the help of the tail comb. The width and thickness of the lock must match the heated hair curlers. It should go around the curler without any effort.

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4. Comb again and again for smoothening the lock and let it lie on your temple. Use some thermal setting spray on it carefully. It would add volume to the lock and give an illusion of thick hair.

5. Now, take a heated hair curler and roll rest of the hair present in the middle part. You can use the ‘tail’ or the handle of the tail comb for this purpose. Just push the stray hair strands into the curler and roll it toward the back in order to reach the base. Finally, use a clip to secure the hair at that place. If you can’t manage all the hair at a time, go for multiple small sections.

6. Repeat the process for both left and right parts of hair that you created at the starting. When you are done with all three parts, sit back and relax for next 25 minutes. It is the setting time for the heated hair curlers. After that, take them out one by one.

7. Now, divide your curly hair into three parts once again. Take a small segment from the middle part and back comb by pulling it up. Your tail comb will help you add up sufficient volume to the segment of hair. Cover it with hairspray in such a manner that it stands up by itself. Repeat the step for three other small segments separated right from the middle part.

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8. Use bobby pins to attach these four segments of hair at their bases. It will actually work as the foundation for your exclusive beehive hairstyle and create a ‘mohawk’ like look at the same time.

9. Separate four segments from both left and right parts of hair that you created earlier and repeat the same process. Then, take some more bobby pins and connect all three hairstyles together. You might need to use the hair brush for arranging the hair perfectly. Also, spray the hairspray generously all over the beehive so that its shape remains intact.

10. At last, create a twirl effect by tucking the end of your hair into the upper section of the beehive. Use some more hairspray (if needed) and finish your look.

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